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Smart Home

Smart Sensors
These two smart sensors can help make your home safer and your life less stressful.
WiFi Enabled Thermostats
Use your mobile device or desktop computer for optimal control of your home’s temperature.
Outlets & Switches
No more wondering if you’ve forgotten to turn the lights or television off while heading to the airport. With these smart outlets and switches, you can do that, and so much more, from just about anywhere.
Smart Locks
Thanks to advances in smart technology protecting your family, home, and its contents, is easier than ever.
Doorbells and Viewers
See, talk to, and record video or still images of whoever is at your door – regardless of where you’re located.
Smart Protection for your Smart Phone
The most useful tool in your shop might just be right in your pocket. In order to protect it from bumps, falls, dust, and tools you should consider one of these smartphone protectors.


Kitchen Cabinet Makeover
When it comes to giving your kitchen a bright new look, you don’t necessarily need to rip out and replace everything. Repainting or replacing just the cabinet doors, drawer fronts and shelves, along with installing new hardware, can make for an amazing facelift.
Tankless Water Heaters
On-demand hot water systems save space, save energy, and save you money.
Roofing Materials
Is your roof looking its age? Is there moisture seeping into the attic or crawl space? It might be a sign that a new roof is in the cards. We’ll walk you through the top six roofing materials.
Optimizing the energy efficiency of your home includes proper insulation.
The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s a central meet-up place for food preparation, meals and informal discussion. The countertop gets a lot of use and is a focal point in the room, so choosing the right style is important for function and aesthetics.
Floors can take quite a beating, especially in high traffic areas like entrances and kitchens. Choosing the right flooring for the different areas of your home is important for comfort, durability, aesthetic, and financial reasons.
There are a lot of great choices when it comes to siding your new or existing home, garage or workshop. Learn more about the pros and cons of the most popular materials, so you can make an informed choice.


Copper Countertop
Using copper as a countertop surface will leave you with a unique look that can be the focal point of a room.
Build An Interior Door
Building a set of doors is a great way to customize the interior of your home. Design options are almost endless, and it doesn’t take much time or effort to build solid, timeless doors.
Winterize Your Home
DIY tips to make your house less drafty this winter.
Install a Backsplash
A step-by-step guide on how to install a tile backsplash or shower surround.
Window Wise: A Guide to Planning, Framing and Installing a New Window
With only basic tools it’s possible to add a window to your home with relative ease. At its easiest, this is a job any DIY’er can handle. On the other hand, if things aren’t stacked in your favour, though you don’t yet know it, here are some tips on how to decide if this project is something you should take on.
High and Dry: A Simple, Folding Laundry Rack
There’s no cheaper way to dry your family’s laundry than to simply hang it up. If you live in an apartment or condo, or don’t want to contend with changing weather and seasons, this indoor rack is your solution.
Levelling a Problem Floor
From carpenters to floor installers to homeowners, nobody likes an uneven floor. Learn a few tips on how to level a floor before laying a brand new floor. Once the job is complete you’ll be thankful you spent the extra time.

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