Home Workshop Storage: 21 Projects to Build

A great selection of practical projects to help you optimize storage in your shop.


Home Workshop Storage: 21 Projects to Build

This is the 3rd book in Shiffer Publishing's "Home Woodworker Series". The other two are 'Home Workshop Setup: The Complete Guide', and '14 Wooden Boxes You Can Make'. The books are written primarily for the home hobbyist and novice woodworker.

Home Workshop Storage presents 21 projects designed to help you optimize storage in your shop, so that you can make the time spent in your shop more productive. Having your equipment, lumber, and accessories neatly arranged and easily accessible means that you'll know where things are when you need them, and you'll be able to access what you need quickly. In the middle of a glue-up you don't want to be frantically searching around for an extra clamp or two. Nor do you want to stress out because you can't find the right sized wrench when it comes time to replace your jointer knives.


I think that most woodworkers with a modicum of skill will be able to complete any of the projects in this book. There are a couple of projects for which you might want to change the joinery technique, depending on how comfortable you are with the technique the author suggests. For example, the "Craftsman's Tool Tote" features dovetail joinery. Don't feel comfortable yet tackling dovetails? No problem - substitute dowel joinery, or simply screw the base to the sides.


I found the list of projects to be very practical, and none should cost you much in the way of materials. Each project has several clear photos of the finished project, in situ, along with photos showing key construction or assembly steps. The illustrations are excellent, clearly labeled with part numbers and dimensions, enabling you to visualize how everything is joined together. A cut list accompanies each project, along with a 'buying guide' that lists various accessories you'll need to have on hand to complete the project. And, the step-by-step instructions for completing the projects are concise and complete - at least for the four projects that I read through.

If you're looking for great ideas on how to optimize storage storage in your shop, then you're bound to find lots of inspiration in this book. 


  1. Foreward
  2. Base and Wall Cabinets
    1. Cabinets in 3 Styles
    2. 3 Mobile Carts
  3. Boards and Sheet Goods
  4. Hand Tool Keepers
    1. Hand-Tool Cabinet
    2. Tool Board Organizers
    3. Craftsman's Tool Tote
  5. For Routers
    1. Fully Armed Router Table
    2. Router Table Fence
    3. Router Wall Cabinet with a Bit More
  6. Organizers For Shop Accessories
    1. Tablesaw Accessory Cabinet
    2. 72-Drawer Hardware Chest
    3. Cordless Drill Charging Station
    4. Quick and Easy Tote Box
    5. Power Tower
  7. Clamp Storage
    1. A-Frame Clamp Rack Clamp Cart
    2. Mobile Clamp Cart
    3. Wall-Hung Clamp Rack
    4. Small Clam Corral

PUBLISHER:Shiffer Publishing
FORMAT:Softcover, 96 pages
EDITOR:Jim Harrold

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