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HP-6FX Mini Multi-Plane Body

Bridge City Tools have developed a couple of profiles for their HP-6 plane that pushes the limits of its capabilities ergonomically. The new FX body fits the hand much better than the original design. It will work with any and all sole/iron combinations produced to date.
The HP6-FX body is made from anodized aluminum with stainless steel adjustors.
Please remember, ALL of the existing HP-6 accessories, such as soles, irons, and fences, will fit on both the HP-6 FX bodies. The HP-6v2 Profiles are only compatible with the HP-6v2 and HP-6FX Plane Bodies. In addition, we will be discontinuing the production of the HP-6v2 Mini Multi Plane Body.
Please note: The fences and profiles are not included with the HP-6FX Plane Body and are all sold separately.  The plane body will require a profile in order to use. Available now for pre-order.