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Hyde Painter's Assistant

SOUTHBRIDGE, MA – Cut down on preparation and painting time with the HYDE Painter’s Assistant™, a versatile new accessory from Hyde Tools with dozens of uses.
The HYDE Painter’s Assistant is a multi-use painter’s tool ideal for both professionals and do-it-yourselfers. Having one on site is almost like having an extra pair of hands!
Too much to carry while painting? The Painter’s Assistant works as a carry¬ing handle for 1- and 2-quart containers, turning even simple plastic buckets into a handy carrier when you’re painting trim or windows with a brush.
The HYDE Painter’s Assistant also clips to your roller tray, giving you a foolproof, magnetic brush holder right where you need it. 
This seemingly simple tool has built-in features that make it handy in other ways, as well. Uses include:
Paint can opener
Brush and roller cleaner
Belt hook
Putty knife/scraper
Paint can hook when climbingladders
Garage tool hanger