Inkzall Jobsite Black Markers

Permanent, waterproof markers that write on just about anything.


Inkzall Jobsite Black Markers

Permanent or indelible markers are handy to have in the shop, on a job site, and around the house for making highly legible, waterproof writing on just about any surface. Milwaukee's Inkzall markers are specifically designed for use on rough material surfaces. They contain a proprietary ink that dries quickly to reduce smearing, and have non-clog tips that are supposed to keep their shape and resist mushrooming and shredding, even when used on coarse surfaces.

Available in fine and medium line thicknesses

The markers, which are approximately 5-1/4" long, come in two line thicknesses: fine and medium. Unlike some other markers I've used, these have a very low odor, which you'll appreciate if you use them in an enclosed space with limited air circulation. The fine line markers are round, but have a small protrusion on the body that prevents them from rolling around when laid down, while the medium line markers are elliptical in shape, so stay in place when you lay them down.

Legible on a variety of surfaces, including concrete and black piping

As well as being legible on a variety of surfaces – lumber, plywood, concrete, piping, plastic, and glass – they will write through dusty, wet, and oily surfaces. I found that they're pretty close to smear proof, even when you wipe the ink with a damp cloth a couple of seconds after writing with it. The tips do seem to be very durable – they were serviceable even after dragging the tips across a concrete block several times.

Handy hard hat/belt clip

The markers have a pretty nifty clip that holds securely onto a hard hat, as well as serving as a standard pocket or belt clip.

At an average of about $1.75 for the fine point and $2.00 for the medium, these markers do the job, and won't break the bank.


  • Clog Resistant Marker Tip
  • Writes through Dusty, Wet and Oily Surfaces
  • Durable Marker Tip for Writing on Concrete, OSB and Rough Surfaces
  • Built-In Hard Hat Storage Clip
  • Ink Dries in Seconds
  • Lanyard Hole
  • Anti-Roll Body Design
  • Non-Toxic Ink

MODEL:48-22-3104 (Fine)
48-22-3102 (Medium)
PRICE:48-22-3104 - $6.99 (4 pack) 
48-22-3102 - $3.97 (2 pack)
MADE IN:Taiwan
SOURCE:Dealer Locator
May 2014

Carl Duguay
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