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Intersections Artist in Residence - Bjarne Jespersen

Artist in Residence - Bjarne Jespersen

Internationally renowned wood artist Bjarne Jespersen from Denmark will conduct a class at Intersections Saturday and Sunday February 16 & 17.  This is a one chance in a lifetime to hear about 'Magic Carving', to see the demonstration, and do it yourself - you'll learn how to design them and develop the skills for making these fascinating objects.

Wednesday evening, February 13th, Bjarne will give a talk and demonstration of his art at Intersections.

In March Pierre Rousseau offers a class on Making a Bow Saw. This two-day workshop will furnish you with your own custom-made bow saw.

Thinking ahead to the spring, Kevin Yates will take us out to collect Bonsai trees in May. The class will collect trees and see how to prepare the tree for planting in a container.  Suggestions for making your own wood containers will also be taught. It is part of Intersections concern for the health and well-being of sustainably cut trees in our region.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2018