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IRWIN Expands Drilling Category with Innovative Tools

Innovations include WeldTec™ Self-Feed Bits, SPEEDBOR® Max Speed Long Length Bits and a  Broad Range of Installer Bits and Accessories 
HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. [August19, 2014] – IRWIN Tools, a leading manufacturer and distributor of hand tools and power tool accessories, announces the expansion of their existing drilling portfolio with products intended to improve durability, ease of use and speed, enabling tradesmen to do more with their tools. The increased offerings from IRWIN, the company that introduced the first auger bit in 1885, include WeldTec™ Self-Feed Bits, SPEEDBOR® Max Speed Long Length Bits and Flexible and Straight Shank Installer Bits and Accessories. This expansion rounds out IRWIN’s suite of tools for wood, metal and masonry drilling.
“By expanding our drilling product line, we are now able to provide tradesmen with comprehensive solutions within a broader range of construction applications,” said James Malaguez, Senior Product Manager for Drilling. “The addition of the WeldTec™ Self-Feed Bits, SPEEDBOR® Max Speed Long Length Bits and Installers and Accessories enable our professional end users to handle a greater variety of tough jobs with added speed and ease of use.” 
WeldTec™ Self-Feed Bits
Manufactured for the professional tradesmen requiring long-lasting high-performance wood drilling tools, the WeldTec™ Self-Feed Bits feature an innovative cutting edge that offers improved performance and two times the life of standard self-feed bits. The new welded edge is designed for superior cutting in tough materials, including nail embedded wood. The replaceable screw tip is larger and more durable than regular self-feed screw tips, allowing it to pull bits faster and cleaner for true round holes. The bit has a 7/16" quick-change hex shank which reduces slipping in standard chucks and is compatible with all 7/16" impact drills.
SPEEDBOR® Max Speed Long Length Bits
Up until now, SPEEDBOR Max Speed Bits, the fastest wood drilling SPEEDBOR bits ever, were only available in 4” and 6” lengths. To provide added functionality beyond the short and standard length bits, IRWIN has added 12’’, 16’’ and 24’’ SPEEDBOR® Max Speed Long Length Bits. Unlike spade bits that have spurs to scribe holes when cutting, IRWIN bits have a tapered three-flute design for faster chip ejection and less binding. These hybrid bits deliver the same performance and reliability associated with IRWIN’s existing SPEEDBOR Max Speed Bits, but their extended reach and the addition of a flute hole for wire pulling, provides tradesmen with additional options to get their jobs done. With three cutting spurs for faster, cleaner holes with less breakout and extended drilling life, SPEEDBOR Max Speed Bits also feature a full screw point tip that allows the bit to self-feed as well as a 1/4” quick-change shank, for easy bit changes and reduced slipping in standard drill chucks.
Installers and Accessories
IRWIN’s addition of wood, metal and masonry flexible and straight shank installers round out a complete range of drilling offerings. All of IRWIN’s installer bits feature a hole in flute for easy wire pulling through walls, ceilings and floors as well as a 3-flatted shank which prevents slipping in drill chucks and also includes a hole for wire pulling. For wood drilling, IRWIN has added flexible shank installer bits with either Type A screw tips with spurs or Type B screw tips, made from premium high-speed steel for extended drilling life. Additionally for wood drilling, Straight Shank bits are available with an 82° tip for fast smooth drilling. For the HSS drilling category, available installers now include a Type HSS flexible shank bit with an innovative 135° self-centering split point stepped to an 118° hole enlarging body for fast, easy starts and smooth drilling, as well as an 118° chisel point Straight Shank Bit. To the masonry drilling category IRWIN added a Type M Flexible Shank Installer and Straight Shank Bit both with a tungsten carbide tip for extended life in brick, block and mortar joints. 
Other additions to the IRWIN catalog within the Installer Accessories category include:
  • The Placement Tool helps to guide flexible drill bits horizontally or vertically within walls, with a Pro-Touch™ handle providing secure grip and comfort, and a folding design for easier storage
  • The Pulling Grips can be attached to flute or shank holes for pulling larger diameter wire or cable and are available in 3/8’’ to 1/2’’ wire or cable, 1/2’’ to 9/16’’ wire or cable, or 3/4’’ to 1’’ wire or cable
  • The Flexible Extensions reach up to 12 feet for drilling or wire pulling and feature a chuck compatible with Hex or Round Shanks
  • IRWIN’s new durable, hard-sided Bit Storage case protects tools during transport and when not in use
IRWIN’s featured drilling products can be found at home centers, hardware stores, and construction and industrial tool suppliers throughout the U.S. and Canada. They can be purchased as singles, in bulk, or as sets. The suggested retail price for WeldTec™ Self-Feed Bits range from $29 to $159, SPEEDBOR® Max Speed Long Length Bits range from $16 to $36 and Installer Bits range from $10 to $49.