Jigs & Fixtures for the Table Saw and Router

A basic guide to helpful jigs and fixtures that will be helpful for the novice woodworker.


Jigs & Fixtures for the Table Saw and Router

Books that deal with jigs and fixtures are quite popular among woodworkers, particularly those new to the craft. And rightly so. Shop jigs and fixtures can really help make your woodworking safer and more enjoyable. You don't want to spend your time re-inventing solutions to the same old problems.
This book from the Editors of the Woodworker's Journal is an excellent treatment of the subject. They present 8 jigs for the table saw, and 10 for the router. While there are a few basic jigs, most are substantial jigs that are well worth having in any shop. There are also plans for 3 different routing tables and a horizontal routing fixture.
The text is well written, and the illustrations and photos clear and concise. There are material lists for each project, and a number of 'quick tips' (though these seem to be an afterthought rather than having been integrated into the book from the onset).
Rob Johnson provides a succinct overview of how to avoid kickback and binding - an important topic that every newcomer to the field should understand thoroughly. Knowing how to avoid the most common cause of table saw injury takes away a lot of the fear of using a table saw. John English's "Router Basics Revisited" is an equally nice primer on what you need to know to get going with your router. Ian Kirby's "Router Guide - The Heart of an Accurate Cut" is one of the best primers on using guide collars that you'll ever read. Just about worth the price of the book alone.
Here is the list of jigs that are covered in the book:
Table Saw Jigs: 
Simple Crosscut Sled
Precision Crosscutting Sled
Miter Clamp
Table Saw Tenoning
Adjustable Box Joint
Router Jigs: 
Pattern Routing
Circle Cutting
Sliding Dovetail
Router Table Fence with Dust Collection
In addition to the jigs, there are plans for these fixtures: 
Table Saw Outfeed/Assembly Table
Shop-Built Panel Saw
Miter Saw Station
Multifunction Router Table
Portable Router Table
Custom Router Table
Horizontal Routing System


  • Table Saw Jigs & Fixtures
  • Router Jigs & Fixtures
PUBLISHER:Fox Chapel Publishing
AVAILABLE FROM:Your local bookseller or online
FORMAT:Softcover, 159 pages
AUTHOR:Woodworker's Journal
Carl Duguay
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