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Slim design, light weight, superb blade, quick opening, secure locking, and stellar looks.

Kershaw Leek Pocket Knife

Kershaw Leek Pocket Knife

No one should be without a pocket (aka folding or jack) knife. They're perfect for a host of general cutting and slicing jobs around the home or shop. And, because they're small, light, and contain their own blade cover, their easy to slip into a pocket or tote bag when you go to the beach, camping, hiking, or fishing.

This new Kershaw Leek pocket knife is a real eye catcher. It has a very sleek look, and features Kershaw's 'Blackwash' finish, which gives the knife a wonderful patina. The finish is also supposed to provide some extra corrosion protection and help camouflage minute scratches and scuffs. Folded, the knife is just 4" long and a tad over 5/16" thick. Coupled with a 3 ounce weight, it's barely noticeable in the pocket or clipped on a belt.

The handle on the Leek is made from 410 stainless steel, which is widely used in the knife industry. It has 12% chromium, and 0.12% carbon, giving it very good corrosion and wear resistance. The blade is made of Sandvik 14C28N steel, a premium knife steel that is very hard and provides good corrosion resistance. You get a blade that holds an edge well and is easy to sharpen – important features for any cutting tool.

Modified drop point blade is great for piercing and scoring cuts

The Leek features a 3" long hollow-ground modified drop point blade profile with an almost straight cutting edge and a very narrow swedge along the top of the blade. I found that this design worked well for making piercing and scoring cuts, as well as for whittling and light carving. The blade comes razor sharp.

Slim, tapered tip for precision cutting

The blade is 3/32" thick along the spine, tapering to 1/64" at the tip. While this thin tip is great for making precise, detailed cuts, it's much more fragile than a thicker tip. You won't want to use it for any prying.

Blade opens easily and quickly with SpeedSafe assisted blade opening

There are two ways to open the blade on the Leek. Using a fingertip you can pull back on the flipper that's located on the back of the handle (photo above). Or, you can use your thumb to push against one of the studs on the side of the blade. You don't have to exert much pressure, as both methods employ the SpeedSafe assisted opening mechanism, which uses an internal torsion bar to spring the blade open. Using either method opens the blade in a fraction of a second.

Frame lock prevents the blade form opening in use

The Leek uses a frame lock system to keep the blade firmly locked in the open position. When the blade is opened, the side of the handle flexes inward, butting up against the back end of the blade. In this position the blade is immobile. To close the blade you simply push the frame to the side with your thumb. This unblocks the blade, enabling you to fold it back into the handle using using your forefinger and thumb. The whole process can be done one-handed in about 2 seconds.

Tip-lock securely locks the blade in the handle

On the end of the handle is a tip-lock – a small lever that locks the blade securely in the the handle. This is a useful feature if you have young children. The tip-lock is innocuous enough that children may get bored before they figure out what it's for, and it's a bit small for pudgy fingers to manipulate. 

Just below the tip-lock you can see two pre-drilled holes – these enable you to reposition the pocket clip.

Pocket clip for belt carry

For quicker access to the Leek you can slip it onto a belt. The clip fits snugly on a belt up to about 1-5/8" wide. This is how I typically carry my knife, and I've never had an instance where the knife has worked itself off the belt.

A superb knife with wonderful presence in the hand

The Kershaw Leek has a lot going for it. Slim design, light weight, superb blade, quick opening, secure locking, and stellar looks. A lovely knife that you'll enjoy showing off as much as using.


  • Overall length: 7"
  • Closed length: 4"
  • Blade length: 3"
  • Weight: 3.0 oz.
  • Handle: 410 stainless steel, black-oxide BlackWash finish
  • Blade: Sandvik 14C28N, black-oxide BlackWash finish
  • SpeedSafe assisted opening
  • Frame lock
  • Tip-Lock slider
  • Reversible pocket clip
  • Limited lifetime warranty
SOURCE:Store Locator

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Carl Duguay
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