Kershaw Pocket Knives - Grid and Westin

Everyday pocket knives with great features and stellar pricing.

Kershaw Pocket Knives - Grid and Westin

Kershaw Pocket Knives - Grid and Westin

I always carry a pocket knife, whether in the shop, on a job site, or out for a leisurely walk on the weekend. It's indispensable for all manner of cutting, paring, shearing, shaping, slicing, and carving tasks. And, a pocket knife is just such a cool tool to have.

Kershaw is one of the preeminent knife makers, producing a wide range of general purpose, professional, sporting, and culinary knives. These two knives, the Grid (#2200) and the Westin (#3460) are sleek, mid-sized pocket knives that feature Kershaw's unique SpeedSafe system that uses a torsion bar opening mechanism. It's activated by a small metal tab – the flipper – located on the bottom of the knife blade. In the closed position the flipper protrudes from the top edge of the knife handle (photo to the left) – press the flipper downward, and the SpeedSafe torsion bar springs the blade open. In the open position the kicker acts as a finger guard. It's a very clever setup, and works exceptionally well. 

The Grid has a second way of opening the blade – ambidextrous thumb-studs. There is one stud on each side of the blade. You simply push the stud outwards away from the handle and the blade flys open.  

Another great feature on these knives is the frame lock blade locking system. The right side handle is partially split, creating a loose piece called the lockbar. When the blade is opened, the lockbar moves towards the blade, and butts up against the end of the blade, preventing it from closing. Once locked, these is no danger the blade will inadvertently close. To release the blade you simply depress the lockbar with your thumb and pull the blade downward with your index finger. The whole process takes 2 to 3 seconds. While it might sound a bit complicated it's rather simple, and very easy to do. 

Of course, the business end of the pocket knife is the blade, and you want one that is strong, holds an edge well, but is reasonably easy to sharpen. The blades on both these knives are made from from 8Cr13MoV stainless steel, a medium grade steel, with more carbon and less nickel than AUS-8 steel, and less expensive. I find that 8Cr13MoV steel holds up reasonably well for day-to-day use, and it's quite easy to sharpen on a diamond stone. With green honing compound I can get a close to razor sharp edge.

The handles are quite different. The Weston has a black textured glass-filled nylon front and a stonewashed steel back. I love the dual feeling it gives, and find it has less of a tendency to slip when my hands are damp. The Grid has an all steel handle with a gorgeous titanium carbo-nitride coatings for extra hardness and abrasion resistance. It's also has a greater curve along the bottom edge of the handle which I like.

Both knives have an indispensable 2" long steel clip that enable you to securely attach the knife to belt or pocket lip – I find either is the most convenient way to carry a pocket knife. There is ample tension on the clip that the knife won't fall off your belt or pocket. I like that the clip is located on the bottom end of the knife handle. This means that when you remove the knife from your belt you don't have to turn and twist it a full 180° to position the blade in the correct orientation. Very nice.

I carried each knife around for a two week period, and find that both are very comfortable in use, with the Grid being marginally larger, and only about an ounce heavier than the Westin. It's hard to pick a favourite between these two beauties, but I have a slight preference for the Westin with it's textured handle.

Unless you run over them with a backhoe, these knives will last a lifetime. They have a lot going for them — a good quality blade that holds an edge well, and is easy enough to resharpen; great ergonomics; fluid blade opening and closing; light weight; and a lifetime warranty. For under $70 you get a great set of features and long-lasting value.


  • Length closed: 4.3" (Westin); 4.5" (Grid)
  • Length opened: 7.8" (Westin); 8.4" (Grid)
  • Blade length: 3.5 (Westin); 3.7 (Grid)
  • Weight: 3.7 oz. (Westin): 4.8 oz. (Grid)
  • Steel: 8Cr13MoV
  • Frame lock blade locking
  • SpeedSafe assisted opening: Flipper (Westin); Flipper/thumbstud (Grid)
  • Handle: Glass-filled nylon front, stonewashed steel back (Westin); Steel, titanium carbo-nitride coating (Grid)
  • Reversible pocket clip (left/right, tip-up)
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime

MODEL:Westin (#3460)
Grid (#2200)
PRICE:Westin: $60.74
Grid: $67.49
SOURCE:Kershaw online

Top: Grid; Bottom: Westin

Top: Westin blade; Bottom: Grid blade

Top: Westin handle; Bottom: Grid handle

Top: Westin ; Bottom: Grid 

The SpeedSafe assisted opening activated by the flipper

Flipper converts to a finger guard

Thumbstud on the Grid makes for quick opening

Pushing out the side of the frame to unlock the blade

Man's best non-furry friend

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Carl Duguay
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