Kershaw Shuffle DIY Pocket Knife

A versatile pocket knife with integrated screwdriver for every day use.

Kershaw Shuffle DIY Pocket Knife

Kershaw Shuffle DIY Pocket Knife

The new Kershaw Shuffle DIY is a nice compromise tool – it's smaller and less cumbersome than a multi-tool, but more functional than a conventional pocket knife. It features a decent single cutting blade, a 1/4" hex bit driver and bottle opener built into the frame, and storage for two 1" bits on the handle.


The photo above shows the Shuffle DIY (middle) in comparison to two medium sized knives, the Kershaw Westin, (top) and a slightly smaller Kershaw Reverb (bottom). With a 2-3/8" blade I would classify the Shuffle as a small size pocket knife. At its widest, the Shuffle blade is 1-1/8". The glass filled nylon handle is 1-3/8" (at its widest) in order to accommodate that fat blade and on-board screwdriver bits.


There is only a single way to open the blade – using your thumb to push against one of the studs on the side of the blade. You don't have to exert much pressure. The blade opens smoothly and locks firmly in place.


The Shuffle uses a frame lock system to keep the blade firmly locked in the open position. When the blade is opened, the side of the handle flexes inward, butting up against the back end of the blade. In this position the blade is immobile. To close the blade you simply push the frame to the side with your thumb. This unblocks the blade, enabling you to fold it back into the handle using using your forefinger and thumb. The whole process can be done one-handed in about 2 seconds.


The addition of a screwdriver feature on the Shuffle is a great idea. It comes in handy for a host of tasks around the home, in the shop, and when your out and about. The bits store securely on the handle, but are easy to remove when needed. A magnet in the bottom of the hex drive holds the bits in place. Re-inserting a bit into it's retention slot can be a bit awkward. I find it best to press down slightly on the head of the bit as I put it back into it's slot. 


The folks at Kershaw recommend carrying the Shuffle clipped inside a pocket with the blade snugged up against a seam. I've always carried my pocket knives slipped onto a belt. I've had the Shuffle clipped on my belt for three weeks, and it's never fallen off. Choose what ever way you feel most comfortable with. 


The blade is made from from 8Cr13MoV stainless steel, a medium grade steel, with more carbon and less nickel than AUS-8 steel, and is less expensive. It has a black-oxide coating that complements the colour of the handle quite well. The coating won't wear off, and it helps reduce blade corrosion. I find that 8Cr13MoV steel holds up reasonably well for day-to-day use, and it's quite easy to sharpen on a diamond stone. With green honing compound I can get a close to razor sharp edge.

If you don't want to carry around a large, heavy, bulky multi-tool, but want a bit more functionality than you get with a standard pocket knife, then you can't go wrong with the Shuffle DIY. And, at under $50 it's value priced.


  • Overall length: 5-3/4"
  • Closed length: 3/1/4"
  • Blade length: 2-3/8"
  • Weight: 3.5 oz.
  • Handle: Glass filled nylon
  • Blade: 8Cr13MoV, black-oxide coating
  • Manual opening with thumbstud
  • Liner lock
  • Single position pocket clip
  • Bottle opener, 1/4" hex bit driver, Flathead and Philips screwdriver bits, Keychain ring
  • Limited lifetime warranty
SOURCE:Store Locator

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Carl Duguay
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