KING INDUSTRIAL Double Cut Saw Kit | Canadian Woodworking

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The winner is:
Michael Montague of Belleville, ON

Two specially designed blades simultaneously rotate in opposite directions providing smooth, clean cuts with less vibration or kickback

Built-in blade lubrication system allows you to cut through aluminum, copper, stanless steel and cast iron without overheating or warping

Laser honed tungsten carbide tipped blades have the power to cut through virtually everything

Cuts hard and soft metals, hardwood, PVC, iron, plastics, aluminum, copper, stainless steel with ease and precision

Reduces sparks and overheating

Kit includes set of universal tungsten carbide tipped )TCT) blades, 10 pcs. lubricating wax sticks, control handle, arbor tool and sturdy carrying case

GiveAway ended: 30th April, 2017

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