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Classic, good looks that will appeal to electricians, linesmen, masons, service technicians, gardeners, painters, and sculptors


Klein Deluxe Canvas Tool Bag

Troll through your local building supply or hardware store, or scan the Internet, and you'll find dozens, maybe hundreds, of different portable tool bags and boxes. Most fit into one of three categories — hard shell boxes (generally plastic) with a lid; soft side bags (usually canvas); and, open-top bags. Within these three categories are a very wide range of storage styles, features, capacities, and pricing. Regardless of the type, number and size of hand and power tools you need to have close at hand, or transport daily to and from a job site, there's bound to be a toolbox or bag that meets your requirements. Finding the right storage option generally takes some trial and error. A lot of tradespeople end up with two or more tool organizers, which provides more options for tool storage.
The Klein Deluxe Canvas Tool Bag (5102-24SP) is a traditional style bag that has been popular with electricians and masons for decades.

Large central cavity          
The 5102-24SP has a large central cavity that opens up to about 8" by 21", which makes it easy to reach into and remove tools from the bag. Inside are an assortment of 17 pockets that are all 7-3/4" deep. Pocket widths range from about 1-1/2" to 4". Hand tools will store vertically in the pockets, while larger tools — hand planes, drill drivers, and the like — will store together loosely in the open center.

Sturdy two metal frame   
The bag is made of a medium weight #8 canvas that is reasonably strong and flexible with medium wear and moisture resistance. The result is a fairly lightweight tool bag — approximately 5 pounds when empty. As with any canvas bag you don't want to store sharp or pointed tools — chisels, saws, knives, awls — in the bag without first covering their cutting edges.
A hinged metal frame is securely riveted to the canvas, and the seams are flat stitched so they won't unravel. The frame has a robust two-knuckle hinge that is 5/16" x 3/4".

Leather closure straps      
Unlike most tool bags on the market, the 5102-24SP doesn't have a zippered closure. Rather, it has two adjustable leather straps with matching chrome-plated buckles. Opening and closing the straps does take a tad longer than a zipper, but hey, they look cooler.
The straps are riveted into the frame. They keep the bag reasonably firmly closed, though when fully loaded I noticed a slight gap along the mouth where dust can enter the bag.

Large leather handles        
Two reinforced leather handles are riveted to the frame. The handle opening is large enough that you can easily grasp them when wearing gloves. However, because the handles are quite narrow — 3/8" x 11/16" — they aren't overly comfortable, particularly when the bag is filled to the brim with tools.

Chrome plated D-rings for attaching shoulder strap  
Thankfully, there is a 2" wide padded shoulder strap that clips onto chrome plated D-rings at either end of the bag. The strap can be fully adjusted from each end. With the bag filled, I found it much more convenient, and easier, to carry the bag with the shoulder strap rather than the handle.

Moisture resistant vinyl bottom  
A vinyl shell covers the bottom of the bag, running up its sides about 2-1/2". It does a good job of helping to keep water and moisture out of the bag — however you don't want to leave this bag outside in a torrential downpour. Water will eventually seep in to the bag through the seams.

Plastic feet protect the bottom from damage  
Six plastic feet are riveted into the bottom of the bag. They protect the vinyl bottom from damage, and will also protect your customer's flooring.

Wide open mouth makes tool access easy     
The 5102-24SP has a 1.48 cubic foot storage capacity, which is quite large for a soft side tool bag. I was quite pleased with what I could fit into the pocket — a minimum of 17 hand tools, along with framing hammer, flat bar, torpedo level, hand saw, compact drill, charger, spare battery, and box of driver bits.
Because the bag is quite high, and it doesn't have any vertical support running from base to top, there is a tendency for it to cant to one side when opened, particularly if it isn't completely filled with tools. However, I didn't find this much of a nuisance.

One smart looking tool bag       
The 5102-24SP isn't for everyone. It doesn't have a lot of the bells and whistles you'll find on many contemporary styled tool bags. If you carry around a lot of small, short or narrow tools, then you might find the long, narrow pockets in this tool bag inconvenient. However, if you're looking for a lightweight, top-opening bag with easy access to the contents for storing and transporting tools like wrenches, pliers, snips, hammers, torpedo levels, short hand saws, and compact power tools, then this might be the bag for you.
It's the kind of tool bag that electricians, linesmen, masons, service technicians, gardeners, painters, and sculptors — in fact, anyone who wants a lightweight, no-nonsense tool bag — will find useful. Klein also makes 14", 16" and 18" versions of this bag.
You'll certainly find a lot of soft side bags on the market, but none that quite match the classic, good looks of the Klein Deluxe Canvas Tool Bag (5102-24SP).



  • 15" H x 7" D x 24" W
  • #8 canvas body
  • Steel frame riveted to body
  • Stitched and riveted leather handles
  • Two leather retaining straps
  • Moisture resistant vinyl bottom
  • Non-scratch studs on bottom
  • Detachable shoulder strap
  • 1.48 cubic feet capacity
  • 5 lbs. weight
  • Lifetime warranty

COMPANY:Klein Tools
SOURCE:Dealer Search
Carl Duguay, December 2012
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