Kreg Precision Router Table System

A sturdy, well-made table with an excellent fence and easy to adjust insert plate


Kreg Precision Router Table System

Router tables meant for production work, or for precision router work, need to be well-engineered, solidly built, reliable, and flexible. You'll find all these attributes on the Kreg Precision Router Table System (PRS1040); it offers a set of unique features that go a long way to increasing your routing efficiency.
The PRS1040 is comprised of three integrated components: stand, table top, and fence. The fit and finish is superb. You won't find any sharp corners or cheap, ill-fitting parts, and all the bolts and washers are galvanized. Kreg has even taken the time to pre-drill all the screw holes and the insert nuts. When assembling the router table the dominant impression I had was one of quality and durability.
The stand is made of 1/8" steel that is precision machined and looks to be treated with a baked or powder coated enamel finish. Whichever is used, the finish is of high quality, and very durable. The stretchers and legs are held together with double square shoulder bolts and serrated nuts. You can apply quite a bit of torque when assembling these fasteners, ending up with a super rigid table. Height adjusters are bolted to the bottom of the legs, giving you the ability to adjust the table height by about 5". Heavy duty rubber soled levelers are attached to the bottom of the adjusters, and these can also be vertically adjusted by a couple of inches. The whole assembly process is straightforward, and takes about 45 minutes, plus or minus a couple of cups of coffee.

Quality fasteners
Superb fit and finish
Depending on how tall you are, and your preferred working height, you can adjust the final height of the table anywhere from 31" to 36". Kreg has thoughtfully pre-drilled holes along the edges of the legs and stretchers so that you can add shelves or panels to the stand. There is ample space to add a storage compartment for router accessories, bits and the like, right above the horizontal stretchers. With the rubber soled levelers the PRS1040 is solid and stable.
However, I have a smallish shop and like to move my router table around. I chose to install Kreg's optional 3" heavy duty dual locking casters (PRS3090, $59,99). The casters are very convenient in a small shop; you can quickly disengage the wheels with the toe of your boot, re-position the table, and then lock the wheels in place. No reaching down or bending over. And once the locking mechanism is engaged the table is rock steady.

Once bolted together the table is rock steady
Included rubber soled leveler
The table top measures 1" by 24" by 32", big enough to handle all but the largest panels; for anything larger than about 2-1/2' by 5' I typically revert to freehand routing. The MDF core is nicely edge banded and beveled; there are no sharp edges or corners. The top surface is covered with an impact resistant Easy-Slide™ micro-dot skin (the bottom surface is covered with a standard vinyl laminate).
The micro-dot skin makes it very easy to slide material across the surface of the table, though not overly slippery that you can lose control of the work piece. And, it makes it easy to whisk dust off the table top. On the bottom of the table two steel struts add rigidity and support for the router plate; and as previously mentioned, Kreg has thoughtfully predrilled the screw holes that you use to attach the table top to the stand.

Optional heavy duty locking caster
Steel struts under table top add rigidity
The table top is pre-routed to accept the extruded aluminum combination T-Miter Trak and Mini-Trak that comes with the PRS1040. The Miter Trak portion has a standard 3/4" channel and works with mitre gauges, coping sleds, feather boards and other accessories. The Mini-Trak portion accepts 1/4" hex bolts (for shop made jigs and accessories). This combination track runs the full width of the table top, and fits precisely in the pre-routed dado.

Edge banding and micro-dot skin
Versatile combination mitre track
The cut-out in the top of the table top accepts the included 3/8" x 9-1/4" x 11-3/4" phenolic insert plate, or you can install any appropriately sized router lift plate. If you only do occasional routing, or you don't make a lot of router bit height changes, then you can simply mount your router to the Kreg insert plate. I opted to install the Kreg Precision Router Table Lift (PRS3000) on the table.
Regardless of which system you use, Kreg includes four insert plate levelers that you screw onto the bottom of the insert plate cut-out. Dual set screws on the plate levelers make quick work of aligning the insert plate or router lift precisely level with the top of the table. Four flat head screws then firmly secure the insert plate or router lift in place. This is a fabulous system that ensures a perfectly level, and completely immobile, insert plate or router lift.

Plate levelers make quick work of aligning insert plate flush with table top
Reducer rings are screwed to the insert plate
The 3/8" thick phenolic insert plate is quite rigid. It's 3-5/8" center hole should be able to accommodate the largest diameter router bits on the market. When using smaller diameter bits or for template routing there are two included reducer rings, one with a 2" center hole, the other with a stepped 1-13/64" center hole, which will accommodate any appropriately sized lock-nut style template guide. The only thing I don't like about this system is that the reducer rings are held in place by screws. It's tedious switching from one ring to another, and there is always the possibility of misplacing those little screws.
Because the bases on routers have different mounting hole patterns, the Kreg insert plate comes undrilled. Drilling the holes to attach your router to the insert plate is fairly easy; Kreg includes clear instructions on what to do. If you've not done it before try test drilling a prototype insert plate made of 3/8" ply. If you're still a bit nonplussed you can send Kreg the insert plate, your router's sub-base plate and mounting screws, and they'll drill the holes for $30 (plus shipping costs).

Mounting rail (installed below table top)
Clamp block assembly with flip lever
The fence for the PRS1040, which measures 3-3/8" high by 36" long, is made from aircraft grade aluminum. It's held firmly in place on one end by a mounting rail attached to the underside of the table top, and on the other end by a locking knob. The fence slides forward and backwards on a unique clamp block assembly that keeps the fence exactly parallel to the mitre slot. Re-aligning the fence parallel to the mitre slot at any time is quite easy.
Kreg includes an 8" scale that you can affix to the clamp block assembly so that you can accurately position the fence. A simple flip lever on the clamp block locks and unlocks the fence in place. When the fence is positioned as far back on the table top as it can go, you get 5-1/2" of usable space between the fence and the center hole (there is 12" of usable table surface from the front edge of the table to the center hole).

Locking knob holds outfeed end of fence securely in place
Scale affixed to clamp block assembly
The two individually adjustable fence faces are also edge covered and laminated. In order to re-position the fence faces you need to loosen (and then re-tighten) three screws on each fence. Of course you have to track down a screwdriver too. I would have preferred a system that enables you to hand adjust knobs on the back of the fence.
There are two 16" jointing rods that you can use to adjust the outfeed fence should you wish to joint stock on the router table. The rods are inserted into two sets of grooves behind the outfeed fence face - one set of grooves offsets the fence by 1/16", the other set of grooves offsets the fence by 1/32". The rods can be stored in a groove at the rear of the fence. Back there you will also find a standard 2-1/2" dust port that will accept most shop vacuum hoses. I have it connected to a Fein Turbo III dust extractor, and a fair amount of the dust ends up in the extractor, and not on the router table or the shop floor.

Adjustable fence faces
Center reading tape affixed to top of fence
Along the top and front of the fence are two T tracks that accept 1/4" hex bolts. Fein includes a 36" center reading tape that you affix to the top T track. While you can build your own accessories, I find it much more convenient and expedient to use commercially available products. Kreg does include a fence guard with the PRS1040, which helps keep your fingers away from the bit. Optionally available is a very effective Precision Router Table Stop (PRS7850, $26) that conveniently flips up out of the way when not needed, and a scale magnifier, which makes it easier to position the stop.
For the upmost in precision, you can attach the Kreg Micro Adjuster (KMS7215, $16.50) to the stop, and dial in .005" adjustments. The Micro Adjuster can also be installed on the end of the clamp block assembly. Rather than having to reach under the table top to turn your router on, you can install the Kreg Multi-Purpose Router Table Switch (PRS3100, $34.99). It features two plugs rated at 15 amps (so you can control both the router and a shop vac simultaneously), and an 8', 14 gauge power cord. The switch is just large enough that you can use your right knee to toggle it off, without having to remove your hands from the work piece that you're routing.

2-1/2" dust port 
Optional power switch
I've been using the Kreg Precision Router Table System for just over six weeks now, and I'm very happy with how well it's working. The table is well designed and accurately machined, and offers a high degree of precision. Adjusting the fence is very quick, and it locks solidly in place; there is absolutely no flexing on the outfeed side of the fence. I can install and remove table accessories quickly, and the dust port allows my Fein Turbo III to suck out most of the dust and wood chips.
The micro-dot skin does seem to make it easier to slide stock across the table top, and it's holding up well - no scratches on it to speak of. I don't use the scale on the top of the fence very much, but it's good to know that it's there should I need it. However, the scale on the clamp block assembly is proving to be indispensible. Because I've installed the Kreg Router Table Lift I don't have to deal with unscrewing the reducer rings every time I want to change them - the Kreg Router Lift uses lovely twist lock rings.
The Kreg Precision Router Table System is a sound investment, whether you work in a production environment, a one-person shop, or a home workshop. You'll find that it makes a world of difference when it comes to increasing your routing precision and productivity.



  • 1" x 24" x 32" steel-strut reinforced top with impact resistant Easy-Slide™ micro-dot skin
  • Heavy gauge 1/8" steel base
  • Adjustable from 31" to 36" high
  • 3/8" x 9-1/4" x 11-3/4" phenolic insert plate
  • Bottom-Up levelers with 8 individual contact points
  • Combined mitre and T-slot
  • Self squaring 3-1/4" x 36" extruded anodized aluminum fence
  • 85 pound weight
  • Includes: stand, table top, fence, insert plate, combination T-Miter track, top mounted metric/Imperial scale, fence locking knob, adjustable bit guard, dual reducing rings (1-13/64" and 2"), brass starting pin, and 2-1/4" dust port, assembly instructions

AVAILABLE FROM:Tool and equipment suppliers nationwide
March 2010
Carl Duguay
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