LaCrosse Extreme Tough Romeo 6" Plain Toe Work Boots

Good value in a comfortable boot that is quick to pull on and off


LaCrosse Extreme Tough Romeo 6" Plain Toe Work Boots

A good pair of boots is an important piece of equipment in the workshop or on a job site - particularly if you're standing on your feet for hours at a time. For the past thirty years I've worn lace-up boots - simply because they're the standard type of work boot on the market.
Recently however, I had the opportunity to try a laceless (or pull-over) style of boot, the LaCrosse Extreme Tough Romeo 6" Plain Toe Work Boots (464160). They're available in thirteen medium sizes from 7 to 14, and ten wide sizes from 8 to 13. You can also get them in a steel toe version (#464165).

A Hyper-Dri® liner covers the inside of the boot
As you work, your body releases heat and moisture. When that moisture has no where to go it gets absorbed by your clothing - or in the case of boots, by your socks. The result is the dreaded stink foot. LaCrosse has come up with a Hyper-Dri® liner that covers the inside of the Romeo boot. This lining allows moisture escape from the boot and also prevents water from entering the boot. The result is drier, more comfortable feet.

Full-grain leather upper
The upper part of the boot is made from full-grain leather, which is the best part of the animal hide. It has a lot of fiber strength and is very durable. Overtime the leather will develop a nice patina. This is the same kind of leather used in high quality leather sofas and chairs.
Sewn onto the front and back of the uppers are pull tabs that make it super easy and very quick to pull the boots on and whip them off.
The leather is 'U' shaped, and has a black spandex rib, that stretches to make it easier to pull the boots on. The spandex is double stitched to the leather so it should resist coming loose.

Helcor ® leather wraparound
Apart form the outsole (the bottom part of the shoe that contacts the ground), it's the lower part of any work boot that takes the brunt of wear and tear - in particular the front toe of the boot. The Romeo boot is wrapped in a Helcor® leather. This leather is not only highly abrasion, heat and chemical resistant, it's also water repellent and easy-to-clean. The only seam is just at at the front of the heel. It's double stitched glued to provide a leak proof seal.
In between the outsole and the insole (the interior bottom of the boot) is the shank, which is part of the support structure of the boot. On the Romeo boot it's made of Fiberglass, which provides an additional layer of protection from nails or metal objects that might penetrate the outsole.

Goodyear welt construction
One area that is susceptible to water penetration is where the outsole meets the body of the boot - the welt. These boots use a Goodyear welt construction, which is superior to a standard adhesive construction, plus it means that the outsole can be replaced.

Rubber outsole with 90° heel
The outsole is made of a tough non-marring rubber compound that is slip, oil, heat, and abrasion resistant. There are deep plugs on the sole that provide excellent grip. The heel is cut at 90°, providing good support when you're shoveling or climbing a ladder or scaffolding.

The heel is cut at 90°, providing good support when you're shoveling or climbing a ladder or scaffolding.


Replaceable insole (top and bottom views)      

While the cushioned insole in the Romeo is replaceable, it should last a lifetime. The only reason to replace the insole would be if you require specific support requirements - fallen arches, flat feet, and the like.

Comfortable, durable, and cool looking
So, you may be wondering how the LaCrosse Romeo Work Boots stack up to more conventional laced boots. After wearing these boots intermittently over the past month I'm converted - out with the laces! Pull-over boots are super quick to put on and take off, they're very comfortable to wear, and they just plain look cool - you can wear them as a casual boot just as easily as a work boot.
They fit surprisingly well, with the top of the boot not tight against the leg. I think this allows for greater air flow into, and out of, the boot. The broad, round toe gives plenty of wiggle room for the toes.
Considering how important good footwear is, and the fact that you wear boots for up to eight hours a day, the LaCrosse Romeo boots, at just over $100, represent very good value for contractors, tradespeople, and service workers.



  • Full-grain leather uppers with pull tabs
  • 360-degree Helcor® abrasion and chemical resistant leather
  • Slip and oil resistant outsole
  • 100% waterproof
  • Hyper-Dry® lining
  • Goodyear welt construction
  • Available with steel toe (#464165)
  • 1.15 pounds per boot
  • 1 year warranty

MANUFACTURER:LaCrosse Footwear
AVAILABLE FROM:Find a local store
MODEL #:464160
Carl Duguay, June 2012
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