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A workhorse bandsaw that continues to deliver outstanding performance.


Laguna 14|Twelve Bandsaw Update

Editors Note: I reviewed the Laguna 14|Twelve in February, 2014. You can read the full review here. This update recaps my impressions after having used the saw almost daily over the past four months.

Ample power, excellent blade tracking, easy to adjust guides, smooth rack and pinion guide post, and superb rip fence make this a stellar performer

I use the Laguna 14|Twelve for both stock preparation and resawing. In particular I find it easier, and safer, to manhandle larger stock on the bandsaw rather than the tablesaw. I also prefer to purchase most of my lumber in 8/4 size. This enables me to bookmatch the lumber for maximum visual effect. And, when working with exotic lumber I also like the fact that thinner bandsaw blades produce much less waste than does a standard tablesaw blade.

For stock preparation I use a 1/2" by 3 TPI, while for resawing I switch to a 3/4" Resaw King, which means that I'm regularly exchanging blades. Now that I've been doing it for several months the process goes smoothly. Without undue haste I can install the appropriate blade, tension the blade, track the blade, and adjust the guides in about 5 minutes. Adjusting the lower guides takes most of the time, as access to the adjustment knobs is somewhat restricted. All in all, taking the time to do it right means that I can count on getting the best performance with the bandsaw.

Consistently excellent results

In general I use shop made ply for most of the furniture I build. This avoids the problems associated with virtually all commercially made plywood - voids within the core, veneers that are paper thin and can be all too easily sanded through, and limited thicknesses (typically 7/16" and 11/16", occasionally 3/16"). It can be difficult to source commercial plys in the less common domestic and most exotic wood species, and even when you can, these non standard plys tend to be quite expensive. You also have to purchase full sheets – even though your project may call for less. And, of course, you're constrained in your designs by whatever grain pattern the plywood presents. All of this factors makes a good case for making your own plywood – particularly in a small, one person shop.

Resawing with the Laguna 14|Twelve continues to be a real pleasure. Most of the stock I resaw is between 6" and 10" wide, and I find that the 18" rip fence – oriented in the high position – provides all the support I need. The fence is super study without any deflection at the far end. 

With the 3/4" Resaw King blade installed the saw gets tensioned to it's maximum capacity. However, the welded steel frame on the 14|Twelve is rigid enough to easily accommodate the tension. This is the only bandsaw I've had that included a blade tension lever, which releases blade tension when the saw isn't in use. I really don't know if it actually prolongs blade like, but I'm in the habit of using it all the time now.

I continue to be very pleased with the performance of the 14|Twelve. There haven't been any occasions where I've felt the motor was underpowered. The saw has just about all the features that I need for the processing the type of lumber I regularly work with, and more importantly, it consistently delivers excellent results. For me, the 14|Twelve has proven to be the right saw at the right price.

COMPANY:Laguna Tools
MADE IN:Taiwan
SOURCE:Locate a Dealer
May 2014

Carl Duguay
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