Laminated Wood Art Made Easy - Book Review

A great introduction to the use of wood lamination for artistic effect.

Laminated Wood Art Made Easy

Laminated Wood Art Made Easy

Just about every woodworker learns how to laminate wood in one form or another. In it's simplest form we glue strips of wood together to form thicker pieces of wood, for example, when we need to create legs for a table. Or, we glue very thin strips of wood together and bend the wood to form curved pieces that can be used for table aprons, chair legs, or other design elements in furniture. 

In this book, Stephen Carey introduces woodworkers to a form of lamination that they may not be entirely familiar with - lamination for artistic effect. Probably one of the most recognizable forms of artistic lamination is the cutting board. Different coloured pieces of wood are ripped lengthwise, and then alternating coloured strips are glued together. The result is a laminated panel, which Carey refers to as a 'full strip lamination'. Hence the subtitle of the book: The Full Stripe Pattern. However, Carey takes it even further by showing readers how to recut a full strip laminated board at various angles to create some impressive laminations. For example, by simply recutting the board into strips at a 45-degree angle, and then re-arranging the strips, you can create five difference designs: diamond, chevron (aka zigzag), herringbone, half-step diamond, and half-step chevron.

A platter made from two sequences of cuts (or what Carey refers to as 'two generations' of cuts.

You might be thinking that the process is pretty complicated. Not so. Carey does a pretty good job of explaining the process, and showing how easy it actually is to create rather intricate looking designs. There are lots of photos, along with hints on how to make the cuts, and fix any mistakes that might occur.

If you are at all fascinated by the look of these artistic wood laminations, and think you might want to give it a try, then Carey's book is a great place to start. In fact, I would say that reading this book is a requisite to understanding the lamination process.

PUBLISHER:Shiffer Publishing
AUTHOR:Stephen Carey
FORMAT:Soft cover, 80 pages

Carl Duguay
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