Leatherman Wave Plus Multitool

The original Wave Multitool made that much better.

Leatherman Wave Plus Multitool

Leatherman Wave Plus Multitool

MODEL:Wave +
SOURCE:Find a Dealer
Closed Length:4"
# of Tools:17
Main Blade Length:2.9"
Construction:100% 420 HC stainless steel
Weight:8.5 oz
  • All tools lock securely.
  • All features can be opened by one hand.
  • Blades and files can be operated while tool is closed.
  • Includes fabric sheath.
Warranty:25 years

The Leatherman company is synonymous with 'multitool' - after all they invented the single indispensible hand tool with multiple functions. Since the first 'Pocket Survival Tool' was released in 1983 the company has brought a range of improvements - and a host of models - to market. There are, in fact, 39 different versions to choose from. So you'll undoubtedly find a Leatherman multitool to suit your specific needs.

A multitool is handy to have on hand in the work shop, on a job site, around the home or cottage, or when you're out and about. It certainly beats toting a tool box around. I've had an original Wave multitool for quite a few years. While it's seen a lot of use, and the knife blade is showing it's age, the Wave is still my 'go to' pocket tool. Still, I jumped at the chance to try out the new Wave +

Like the original Wave, the Wave + is made of 
420 high carbon stainless steel, so you never have to worry about it rusting. 420 HC is a common grade of steel widely used for pocket knives. It has high amounts of carbon and chromium to increase hardness and corrosion resistance yet is easy to sharpen and takes a good edge. 

The Wave + is just under 3/4" thick,1-1/2" wide, and 4". At 8.5 ounces you hardly notice the tool once it's mounted onto your belt (up to about 1-7/8" wide) in the 
ballistic nylon sheath. Even slipped into a pants pocket it's quite unobtrusive. The original Wave has a belt clip that you won't find on the Wave + (somewhat to my disappointment), so you can only carry the tool in the sheath. Fortunately it's very easy to insert the tool into the sheath, and the metal rivet snap closure is quick to open and shut. The carabineer is of good quality however, and is equipped with a bottle opener and 1/4" hex bit driver.

There are 17 components on the Wave + (16 if you discount the rather ineffectual ruler imprinted on the handle). While I only use a few of the components regularly it's great to know that the other tools are available if needed. Four of the components are available without opening the two 'arms' on the tool that house the other components. These are the knife, serrated knife, saw, and new to the Wave +, a diamond file (on the reverse side of the wood/metal file). This is a very useful component that you can use to touch up cutting edges on knives, scissors, and the like. These four components are a decent length - about 2-3/4" long. The saw blade, which I use quite a bit, is about 1/16" thick, making it quite stiff, and much less likely to bend no matter how hard you use it. The teeth are sharp and cut very quickly. You can open these four components with a flick of our thumb. To close them you simple depress a frame lock lever with your thumb and then fold down the component with a forefinger. All with one hand.

It takes two hands to fold the arms outwards to expose the spring-loaded pliers. The pliers head incorporates four functions - serrated needle-nose pliers, serrated regular pliers, a wire cutter, and an electrical crimper. A nice touch is that the wire cutter blades are replaceable. The teeth on the pliers are nicely milled, and the ends of the pliers mate together perfectly, which makes holding small items that much easier.

One of the arms incorporates scissors (that I've found surprisingly handy on my original Wave over the years) and 1/16" (the right size for screws that come loose on your glasses) and 1/4" screwdrivers. On the other arm you'll find a can/bottle opener (who can live without these two essential tools!) with an integrated wire stripper and a screwdriver with a removable two-sided driver bit (Phillips #1/2 and 3/16" straight). A small gripe here - I wish the model sold in Canada contained a #2 Robertson instead of the straight driver.
If you own an original Wave you might not feel the need to upgrade. However, if you don't own a multitool and are thinking about getting one, then you won't go wrong with the Wave +. And, with its 25-year warranty you'll have long-term peace of mind.

Photo Gallery

18 tools in one compact format.

Needlenose pliers, regular pliers, replaceable wire cutters, electrical crimper.

Double sided file (wood/metal and diamond coated) and knife.

Opened tooth saw and serrated knife.

Close any of the tools in the two photos above by simply depressing the frame lock lever with your thumb.

Scissors, 1/16" screwdriver and 1/4" screwdriver.

Can/bottle opener with integrated wire stripper and screwdriver with two-sided driver bit (Phillips #1/2 and 3/16" straight).

And close the tools in the two photos above by depressing the quick release lock.

A durable ballistic nylon sheath with metal rivet snap closure and belt loop.

Carl Duguay
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