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Lee Valley Tools New Product Release

Ottawa, ON, June, 2014 - The following new tools were recently announced by Lee Valley Tools.

Carbide Countersink Drills with Low-Friction Depth Stop
These countersinks are well made to withstand heavy use. Each has a high-speed steel drill bit with slow spiral fluting for quick, clean cuts and a carbide-tipped countersink for exceptional wear resistance. The depth stop has a free-spinning, low-friction collar to prevent surface marring and large side openings for chip clearance. You can adjust the depth of the pilot hole and the countersink/counterbore independently.
The 1/4" hex shank is grooved for use with quickchange chucks. Two sizes are available, designed for use with #8 and #10 screws. The #8 unit has a 1/8" drill bit and 3/8" diameter countersink, while the #10 has a 9/64" bit and 1/2" countersink.
Paint Brush Wash Can
This stainless-steel brush washer holds 500ml (1 pint) of solvent and can be used for brushes up to 3" wide. The removable grate (3" in diameter and 2-3/8" deep) helps loosen paint, which then falls through its holes, leaving cleaner solvent above.
The gasket in the lid creates an airtight seal so there is no solvent odor or evaporation when the lid is clamped.
Black & Yellow T-Loc® Midi Systainer® Cases
In addition to offering these cases in the standard light gray and blue, we now have them in the distinctive Veritas® black and yellow color scheme, which not only looks sharp, but can also tell you at a glance whose tools they contain!
To hold tools that won't fit in regular Systainer cases, midi cases have a slightly greater capacity. With a 496mm X 296mm footprint, they are 100mm longer than a regular Systainer case, but have the same width so they can still connect in a stack with any regular T-Loc Systainer cases.
The rotating front latch can fasten the lid or link it to a regular or midi T-Loc Systainer case stacked above. The midi 2 is the same height as a Systainer 2 case at 158mm, and the midi 3 is 210mm tall, equivalent to a Systainer 3 case.
Foam inserts are available to create a custom-padded interior and prevent jostling. The PSA-backed egg-crate lid foam keeps contents secure if the case is tipped. A layer of the base foam pads the bottom and the perforated foam is placed on top. The perforated foam is divided into more than four hundred 16mm removable squares to let you match the approximate shape of an object for a snug fit to keep it from shifting.
Additional layers of perforated foam support tall or unbalanced items. The lid foam projects 30mm into the case; perforated and base foam are each 
30mm thick.
Lee Valley Pruning Blade for Reciprocating Saws
If you've ever used a Japanese-style pruning saw, you know how well this blade will work. With a 6.5 tpi Japanese tooth pattern, the 7" long blade cuts quickly and cleanly through branches up to 5" thick.
Its curved blade helps you maintain contact with the branch, resulting in a smoother cut. The teeth are impulse hardened for durability, and a hard chrome plating helps protect the saw from corrosion. It has a universal 1/2" shank that fits common reciprocating saws. An excellent addition to any arborist’s arsenal.