Lenox Contractor's Tool Bag (1787426)

There are other bags on the market that offer more bells and whistles, or have a larger storage capacity. But, for the price, the Lenox Contractor Bag offers great value


Lenox Contractor's Tool Bag (1787426)

Lenox has a new line of soft-side storage bags, consisting of an Electrician's Tote (#1787422), Plumber' Tote (#1787474), Bucket Tool Organizer (#1787473), and the Contractor's Tool Bag (#1787426), which I review here. 
The Contractor's Bag has a 16" wide mouth and a 0.83 cubic foot storage capacity (16" W x 9" L x 10" H). According to the manufacturer it has a 145 pound weight capacity - considerably more that what I was able to fit into the bag. 
The body is made of a tough, long-lasting Denier nylon, and comes with a reasonably well padded, adjustable shoulder strap. There are strips of reflective material on both sides of the bag and the shoulder strap, which provide some safety protection if you happen to be working late - carting your gear to and from the truck.
Chrome plated snaps
Large chrome plated pull-tabs

The shoulder snaps and pull-tabs for the zippers are made of chrome plated steel, and are large enough to be easily manipulated, even when wearing gloves. 3/8" holes in the 1-1/2" long pull-tabs enable you to lock the zippers for added security.
Reinforced water-resistant bottom
Soft plastic feet protect the bottom
You'll notice that the bottom of the bag has a coated nylon water-resistant liner that helps keep moisture out of the bag. On the outside bottom of the bag are five plastic 'feet' that protect the bottom from abrasion, and help keep moisture out of the bag if you set it down on wet ground. Plastic is longer wearing than rubber, and won't mar finished surfaces, which means you won't have to worry about marring wood flooring.
Large 0.83 cubit foot central storage cavity
The Contractor's Bag can hold 0.83 cubic feet of tools, which adds up to a lot of gear. There is a wire frame that helps to keep the mouth open, making it easier to access the storage cavity. Larger items, like a cordless drill/driver, charger, batteries, hammer, and flat bar, are best stored in the central cavity. 
A series of 14 slot pockets arranged around the periphery of the cavity enable you to store narrow tools like screwdrivers, pliers, torpedo level, and the like. The pockets vary in width, from about 1" wide to 4" wide, making it easy to accommodate a range of tool widths. There is also a small zippered pocket near the mouth that's handy for storing small items like driver bits.

5 external pockets
On one side of the bag are two 5-1/2" x 7" pockets with hook and loop closures, and on the other side is a 5" x 5" zippered pocket plus two 2-1/2" x 5" slot pockets. You can also attach carbineers to the D-rings that support the shoulder strap.
I was surprised to find that there is no tape hook on this bag, and no dedicated pouch for storing a cell phone. I ended up storing them in the external pockets.
Storage box with removable dividers
Tray stores in one of the side pockets
The Contractor's Bag comes with a 1-1/2" x 5-1/2" x 7" plastic storage box with removable dividers. The box fits snugly into either of the two side pockets with the hook and look closures. I like the inclusion of the box, finding it very handy to store a range of small parts that always seem to get lost in the bottom of my old tool bag. You could also store the box in the central cavity of the bag if you wanted to free up the external pocket.

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Compact, light weight, and well-priced
There are other bags on the market that offer more bells and whistles, or have a larger storage capacity. However they do come at a premium price.
But, if what you want is a well-priced tool bag that is compact and easy to carry, and provides ample storage for a fairly wide assortment of hand tools along with a compact drill, charger and spare battery, then the Lenox Contractor's Tool Bag is certainly worth considering.


  • 16" wide mouth with wire frame
  • 0.83 cubic foot storage capacity (16" W x 9" L x 10" H)
  • 145 pound rated weight capacity
  • Denier nylon fabric
  • Dual 1-1/2" metal zippers
  • (2) outside 5" x 7" pockets with H&L closures
  • (1) outside 5" x 5" zippered pocket
  • (2) outside 2-1/2" x 5" slot pockets
  • (1) inside small zippered pocket
  • (14) inside slot pockets
  • Chromed hardware
  • Small parts bin with 12 sections
  • Padded shoulder strap
  • Reflective material on strap and bag
  • Reinforced water-resistant bottom
  • 30-day replacement warranty
COMPANY:Lenox Tools
SOURCE:Dealer Search
Carl Duguay, April 2013

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