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With an incredible 50,000 psi of blade tension this saw (equipped with a high quality blade) cuts steel like butter


Lenox High Tension Hacksaw

If you are looking to make quick, straight cuts in metal piping or bar stock you need two things - a sharp, high quality blade and a rigid, high-tension hacksaw frame. The new Lenox HT50 professional quality hacksaw with its T2 Bimetal blade provides both of these features.
The front and rear handles of the HT50 are made of die-cast aluminum with a comfortable rubberized overmold. You can just as easily use the saw left or right handed. The frame consists of a steel I-beam that enables the HT50 to attain an incredible 50,000 psi of blade tension.
At this level of tension blade movement is minimized, enabling you to make faster, straighter cuts without binding or twisting, no matter how aggressively you cut. You can store up to 5 blades in the hollow I-beam - a very convenient feature. You can also attach a reciprocating blade on the front handle, and use the HT50 as a jab saw to cut drywall, wallboard, plywood and plastic. A swivel cam on the top of the handle serves to adjust blade tension. The blade is held in place by 1/8" pins; one pair holds the blade at 90° and another pair hold the blade at 45° for flush cutting.

Stores up to 5 blades in the frame
Easy blade tension
This is one of those tools that you really have to try out to see (and feel) the difference it makes. I didn't realize what a difference the blade tension makes, but with the HT50 I can breeze through copper piping, mild steel or aluminum and make almost perfectly square cuts. Blade wander just isn't an issue. I don't find the jab saw conversion all that useful. I typically use a jab saw to make cut-outs in drywall. Trying to do this two-handed with the HT50 was awkward.
Besides, it's a hassle having to attach the recip blade every time I want to use it (leaving the blade permanently attached seems an invitation for an accident). The tab on the bolt that holds the recip blade in place is tiny; it's impossible to manipulate with gloves on, and barely possible to open with ungloved fingers.

Articulated arm holds blade even when tension removed
Insert a recip blade to convert to a jab saw
The 24 tpi T2 blade that came with the HT50 is awesome. It cuts aggressively and the teeth have held up very well. Lenox claims that their T2 technology delivers 100% longer blade life and 25% faster performance by  minimizing friction and heat build-up. So far, it seems to be holding true.
It's hard to get excited about a hacksaw, but the HT50 is worth every penny. This contractor grade tool will handle anything that's thrown at it on a work site, and last a lifetime in a workshop environment. It sure beats the heck out of a $12 consumer grade hacksaw.


  • 16" overall
  • 12" blade
  • Rubberized overmold handles
  • Stores 5 blades in the frame
  • 50,000 PSI blade tension
  • Converts to jab saw
Manufacturer:Lenox Tools
Available From:Lowes Canada
Electrical, plumbing, HVAC and industrial dealers nation-wide
Retail Price:$40.00
Model #:HT50
Made In:USA
Carl Duguay, March 2011
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