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Fast, clean cutting, super easy plug removal, and long service life


Lenox Speed Slot Hole Saws

The Lenox Speed Slot Hole Saws are designed for fast and clean cutting, easy plug removal, and long service life. You need an arbor to use with a hole saw - I chose the Lenox Snap-Back arbor (#2L, $18). It has a 1/2" hardened steel hex shank, which provides more holding power than a round shank, and can accommodate hole saws from 1-1/4" to 6" diameter (there is a 5L model for use with hole saws 1-3/16" diameter and under.) It comes with an easily replaceable 1/4" 135° split point pilot drill for faster penetration and less walking - particularly relevant when you're cutting holes freehand.
The advantage of the Lenox Snap-Back arbor is speed - you can install (or remove) a hole saw on the arbor in about 6 seconds. You pull back the Snap-Back collar, screw the hole saw onto the threaded arbor, and then push (snap) the collar onto a pair of locking pins. Nothing to write home about if you're only cutting one or two holes a day, but if you're constantly cutting various size holes, it certainly speeds things up. Also, it's the locking pins that the hole saw drives off, and not the threaded portion of the arbor - which means there is no danger of the threads ever stripping.

Lenox Snap-Back Arbor 
The Speed Slot hole saws come in no less than 52 sizes, from 9/16" (14.3 mm) to 6" (152.4 mm). The most obvious difference between these hole saws and others, is the staircase slot on the side of the saw. There are three 'landings' on the staircase that enable you to provide leverage where needed to easily eject the plug. It works bloody well.

Hole saw mounted on arbor
Aggressive tooth set and thin kerf design
Lenox claims that the Speed Slot provides up to twice the life span in metal and wood cutting than do previous Lenox hole saws. This is due, apparently, to the enhanced tooth geometry, a thin kerf design, and an advanced coating. Cutting efficiency at its best.

No brainer plug removal
Fairly smooth sided plugs and holes
I used a 2" Speed Slot hole saw to cut a variety of holes in softwood, plywood and hardwood. No complaints on my part - quick cutting, nicely formed holes, and effortless plug ejection. You can purchase these saws individually (from $12 to $126), or in kits (which include the arbors), specifically assembled for the needs of welders, mechanics, plumbers and other trades.


  • 52 sizes, from 9/16" to 6"
  • Staircase design slot for easy plug removal
  • Aggressive tooth design and thin kerf for longer blade life

AVAILABLE FROM:Tool and equipment suppliers nationwide
RETAIL PRICE:From $12 - $126 (9/16" to 6")
MODEL #:n/a
Carl Duguay, November 2011
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