DeWALT DWHT43134 Carbon Fiber Composite Level

Light-Weight, High-Strength Carbon Fiber Composite Level

DeWALT DWHT43134 Level

Mississauga, Ontario  (November 2, 2015) — DEWALT® introduces the 48” Carbon Fiber Composite Level –model DWHT43134 – taking advantage of carbon fiber technology to provide levels that are light-weight, non-marring and that can take a beating on the jobsite.
The new level has been manufactured using carbon fiber with other composites to deliver a sleek look and accuracy. The new Carbon Fiber Composite Level is 35 percent lighter when compared to the DEWALT® 48” Aluminum Box Beam. The pultrusion manufacturing process results in a lightweight structure while providing accuracy. The tough, high-strength composite material allows the level to absorb impact and to spring back, without permanent deformation and loss of accuracy. With the typical extruded aluminum levels, high impact loads may permanently deform the level, resulting in a loss of accuracy.
The new DEWALT® Carbon Fiber Composite Levels feature box beam construction for added strength and durability. The level’s water resistance makes it suitable for tough conditions on the jobsite. Framers, deck builders, general contractors and other professionals will appreciate that the new Carbon Fiber Composite Level can be easily wiped and cleaned to preserve its sleek design. 
All three of the level’s vials are acrylic block vials. These durable vials are made to maintain their accuracy in harsh working conditions. A slim end cap design permits end users to scribe lines close into the corners while still providing protection to the level. The new levels also include a hang hole for convenient storage.
The level will be available this fall at Home Depot and Independent Retailers across Canada for $119.99.
Monday, November 2, 2015