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George van Dyk of Airdrie, AB

Have you ever wondered what treasures lay waiting to be discovered in the firewood pile, or dreamed of building something out of that special apple tree in the backyard?

The problem likely hasn't been figuring out WHAT you would would do with it, but figuring out HOW.  This problem is solved with the use of The Little Ripper and your bandsaw.

The Little Ripper is a mini-sawmill that will fit on any bandsaw and allow you to mill almost any log into boards, all while working in the comfort of your own workshop. Designed specifically with the craftsman in mind, this product is not only affordable, but it's also one of the safest applications for your bandsaw.

Beyond re-sawing logs, the Little Ripper does one more incredible eliminates blade drift. Blade drift is an age old problem, which has proved complicated to solve.  There are many theories on how to prevent it but we have found the only way that completely alleviates the issue is with The Little Ripper. The root of the problem is the bandsaw fence. When you are cutting a piece of wood up against a fence the wood stresses and pushes itself away from the fence into your saw blade. When you bind the blade on a tablesaw you risk kickback but on a bandsaw you there is a different issue. Binding the blade on a bandsaw means you reduce the set on one side of the blade making one side of the blade “sharper” than the other.  A bandsaw blade is always going to cut towards the sharper side.

So what makes the Little Ripper different? When you cut a piece of wood on the Little Ripper the wood is free to open up/twist on one side and on the other it is clamped in place by at least 8 different points. The Little Ripper prevents you from ever binding your bandsaw blade therefor your bandsaw will never drift.  It is truly an amazing feature!

Also included in this giveaway is the MicroMag Stop Block! This magnetic stop block will attach to any cast iron table instantly turning the machine into a precision instrument. Use it alongside the Little Ripper for perfectly accurate and repeatable cuts. Only needs to be adjusted once and accurate to 0.001”!

GiveAway ended: 31st July, 2018

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