LoggerHead Gripping and Fastening Tools

A well designed, functional assortment of innovative griping and fastening tools


LoggerHead Gripping and Fastening Tools

LoggerHead Tools makes a variety of innovative griping and fastening tools that will be of particular interest to trades people as well as DIYers and homeowners.
Their flagship tools are based on a patented adjustable gripping technology that employs a set of four to six jaws that grip against the flat sides of fasteners (nuts and bolts), removing stress from the corners. Once held in place fasteners are virtually slip-free. The company also makes a line of cleverly designed screwdrivers that have fast become favourites in our shop.
Bionic Wrench and Grip
The Bionic Wrench and Bionic Grip are identical tools, save that the Wrench is closed-ended, while the Grip is open-ended. Both come in 6", 8" and 10" sizes. The arms are made of hardened laminated steel with a black oxide baked-on finish that serves to reduce corrosion and rust, and the handles are covered with a cushioned overmold.

Bionic Wrench
Bionic Grip
On the Bionic Grip the there are four serrated jaws, while on the Wrench there are six smooth jaws. The 8" Bionic Wrench that we tested accommodates 6 SAE (imperial) sizes of fasteners: 7/16", 1/2", 9/16", 5/8", 11/16", and 3/4", and 10 metric sizes: 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 15mm, 16mm, 17mm, 18mm, 19mm, and 20mm. The 8" Bionic Grip handles SAE 1/2" to 3/4" and 13mm to 20mm fasteners. This range of sizes covers most of the common nuts and bolts that would be found in a typical shop or around a home. The 10" Bionic accommodates fasteners up to 1 1/4" and might be more appropriate for mechanics and plumbers and other trades people.

Six smooth jaws
Four serrated jaws
These gripping tools are very fast to use; simply place the jaws over a fastener, and then squeeze the handles. You can attach or remove fasteners very quickly with a 'squeeze, turn and release' motion. Not as quickly as with a ratchet wrench, but pretty darn fast. The flat jaws on the Bionic Wrench mean that you are much less likely to deform or damage nuts and bolts. You can also use these tools to hold copper piping (or other round metal stock) while cutting or deburring it.

Works like a dream where fasteners are proud of a surface
Can't grip fasteners that ate recessed or flush with surrounding surfaces
I used both of these tools to remove a variety of fasteners, and was very pleased with the tools performance. The only problem I encountered is where the nuts or bolts are butting up against a surface; the Bionic Wrench needs at least 1" of space to fit over a fastener. Also, these tools work best with fasteners that are level with the surrounding surface. If the fastener is slightly recessed or an adjacent surface higher than the face of the fastener, it's difficult (and sometimes impossible) for the Bionics to get a grip. I would have liked to see a handle lock on these two tools, to make them a bit easier to store in a tool box or slip in and out of a tool belt (I put a robust elastic band around the handles).

Holds round stock as well
005 2
Needs at least 1" clearance from adjacent surfaces
These Bionics are about as durable a hand tool as you're likely to get. Nothing short of a steam roller will damage them. Apart from the situations mentioned above, they work very well, and replace a range of wrenches (making less gear to clog up your tool kit), and come with a lifetime guarantee. Simplicity I like; functional reliability I like even more. The Bionic Wrench and Bionic Grip have both.
What do you get when you intermingle two functions in one tool? Why, immix of course. These clever little tools are available in two version - the ImmiX 20x and ImmiX10x. Both come in a handy synthetic carry case, with hook & loop closure and belt loop.

The heads feature mini versions of the Bionic Wrench and Grip
Convenient carry case with belt loop and hook & loop closure
As with the Bionic Wrench and Grip, the bodies are made of hardened laminated steel with a black oxide baked-on finish. Both have a closed head, like the Bionic Grip, with six smooth jaws. The jaws accommodate 6 SAE sizes: 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 7/16", 1/2", and 9/16'", and 8 metric sizes: 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm,13mm, and 14mm. A good range of sizes that covers most of the fastening jobs I'm likely to encounter in the shop and around the house. As with the Bionics, they work very quickly.

Decent 2-1/2" knife (straight blade shown)
Good assortment of commonly used bits
The other feature that the ImmiX tools have, which considerably increases their functionality, is a 1/4" magnetic hex bit holder on the end of the handles. The ImmiX 20x model has two nylon bit carriers (one in each handle) that store ten bits each - for a total of 20 ready-at-hand bits. There is a decent assortment of flat, square, hex, Phillips and Torx bits.
On the ImmiX 10X there is a single bit carrier with an assortment of flat, square, Phillips and hex bits (On either of these tools you can, of course, substitute your favourite bits). Nestled in the other arm are two high-carbon, stainless steel 2 1/2" long knife blades - one straight and one serrated (for cutting rope, tough fabric, and a nice piece of steak). I much prefer a straight blade - they're easier to sharpen and hone and have a wider variety of uses. While it isn't a major issue, I prefer it when knives have an auto lock when blades are in the open position, particularly on knives that will be used by DIYers and home owners; there isn't one on the ImmiX 10X.

On the end of the handles are 1/4" magnetized hex bit holders
Wide flat handles
The wide, flat handles on the ImmiXs enable you to apply a lot of torque when setting or removing screws. The bit holders are easy to pull out of the handles, yet they're snug enough not to fall out on their own. Great to keep on a tool belt or in your tool box, but also also extremely useful to have around the house.
Bit Dr. and Economy Driver
It takes a lot of moxie to bring a new screwdriver to market; at last count there were more styles of screwdrivers on the market than hairs on a cat. Fortunately, these two drivers are pretty unique, and offer some interesting features. The major difference between the two is that the Bit Dr. has a removable free-wheeling adapter that adds extra versatility to the driver.

Bit Dr. (top) and Economy Driver (bottom)
Free-wheeling adapter allows for fingertip control when setting screws
The handles on these drivers are made of glass reinforced nylon, making them exceptionally strong, yet light. They are also nicely contoured to fit the hand very comfortably. The removable rods are made of nickel plated hardened steel; likewise durable and also rust resistant. On the business end of the rod is a 1/4" magnetized hex bit holder. On both drivers the rods pivot to six different positions, making it very flexible when you have screws in awkward, hard to reach places, and also enabling you to exert varying amounts of torque. And at barely 5/8" x 1-1/2" x 4-1/8", and 6 ounces in weight, they fit unobtrusively into shirt or pants pocket, purse, tool bet or wherever.

Double sided Xtra bits
The bits can be a tad awkward
to remove
The Economy Driver has a nylon bit carrier with an assortment of 10 bits - square, straight, Phillips and Torx. The Bit Dr. has a shorter rod, which you can use in the same fashion as on the Economy Driver. However, it has a small (1 1/4" long) free-wheeling adapter that enables you to exercise fingertip control when setting screws. It's great when you want to carefully set brass screws without over-torquing them.
The Bit Dr. also uses a unique double ended bit (the XTra bit). These nickel plated hardened steel bits have a finger tip groove in the middle so that you can easily remove them from the bit carrier and the hex holder. This is kind of neat because you get 20 bit heads from 10 bits; however the nickel finish on the bits makes them slippery. I found them somewhat awkward to get out of the nylon carrier and out of the hex holder. Darn chunky fingers. I can't see using either of these on a work site, but they certainly have a place in the work shop or home.

Use at a conventional angle
Pivot the rod to one of six alternate positions
These gripping and fastening tools from LoggerHead Tools are well made. In my view tradespeople will benefit most from the Bionic Wrench and Grip, and the ImmiX tools, while DIYers, crafts people working primarily in a shop environment, and homeowners will find all three of classes of these tools worthy additions to the tool box.

Convenient for just about any screw setting task
Smaller than a cell phone; fits comfortably in pocket or purse

  • Hardened laminated steel with black oxide finish (Bionic Wrench and Grip and ImmiX)
  • Cushioned overmold handles (Bionic Wrench and Grip)
  • 1/4" magnetic hex bit holder (ImmiX, Bit Dr. and Economy Driver)
  • Nylon bit carriers  (ImmiX, Bit Dr. and Economy Driver)
  • Integrated straight and serrated knives (ImmiX 10X)
  • Free-wheeling adapter (Bit Dr.)

Manufacturer:LoggerHead Tools
Available From:Canadian Tire (under the Mastercraft name) or online
Retail Price:$28.95 - 8" Bionic Wrench
$28.95 - 8" Bionic Grip
$49.99 - ImmiX 10X
$59.99 - ImmiX 20X
$24.95 - Bit Dr
$19.95 - Economy Driver
(other sizes also available)
Made In:USA
Carl Duguay, March 2010
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