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Small, flexible scrapers ideal for fine precision finishing


Lynx Mini Scraper Set

Anyone who has used scrapers will know how useful they are for creating super smooth surfaces, particularly on wood with reversing grain or on highly figured wood. In most cases they eliminate the need for any sanding.

Square, concave/convex, oval, and gooseneck profiles

This Lynx Mini Scraper Set from Thomas Flinn is perfect for fine finishing on narrow flat and curved stock. The set consists of four scrapers made from 1/164" thick high carbon spring steel (compared to around 1/32" for a standard scraper), and hardened to between 44 and 46 Rockwell. 

The set consists of a 1" by 1-3/4" square scraper with 3/32" and 1/8" notches milled on one end. It's ideal for working in tight corners, or shaping mini beads. The concave/convex scraper is 2" long and is 7/8" wide on one end, and 1-1/8" wide on the opposite end. It's useful for smoothing shallow concave and convex shapes. The oval scraper is 1-3/16" by 1-3/4" while the gooseneck scraper is 1-7/8" long and 1" at its widest point. Both these scrapers will enable you to work a wide range of curves.

What I like about these scrapes is that they are so easy to control with thumb and two fingers. And, you can sharpen them just as you would a standard scraper.


Currently this set is only available directly from Thomas Flinn. However, they expect the set to be available in both the Canada and the US fairly soon.

If you work with inlay, small moldings, and other narrow curved and flat surfaces, then you'll likely find this set a very handy addition to your tool kit.


  • 1/64" thick high carbon spring steel
  • Hardened to 44-46 Rockwell
  • 4 profiles: square, concave/convex, oval, gooseneck

COMPANY:Thomas Flinn & Co
PRICE:£9.75 GBP ($16)
MADE IN:England
SOURCE:Thomas Flinn & Co

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Carl Duguay, September 2013

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