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Make the most of summer with Harrowsmith’s Summer 2017 issue

Harrowsmith Magazine Summer 2017

TORONTO, June, 2017 – Ahhh, it’s that time! Find a favourite spot outdoors, sit back and enjoy the latest issue of Harrowsmith, which is jam-packed with fascinating stories and fun ideas to try this summer. From exploring different viewpoints on sustainability and the meaning of life to surprising jam recipes and expert advice on how to keep your lawn in tip-top shape, the Summer issue delivers page after page of suggestions on how to make the most of the season.
Available online June 6, by subscription, the Summer issue features great gardening tips, DIY ideas and fresh recipes. Our food editor, Joanna Notkin, serves up kitchen inspiration with her innovative jams that foodies and veggie gardeners will be thrilled to try. A fan of s’mores? The issue includes some unique updates to take the fireside classic from scrumptious to sensational. There are also tips on how to make your very own Canadian candle—perfect for marshmallow roasting or just cozying up by the fire.
With gardens in bloom and the warmer weather, summer is the time we indulge in our living-off-the-land fantasies. Indeed, people of all ages are leaning toward more sustainable, meaningful lives. This issue, we dive deep into this growing and exciting trend.
Aquaponics is another sustainable approach we hope catches on. A combination of fish farming and growing plants in water, it offers hope for year-round growing for community gardens and urban projects. This issue, we spoke with some of the people who are leading the way, including the executive director of The Mississauga Food Bank, which is helping to get fresh food to people in need.
Mark Cullen, our gardening editor, is back. This time, he shares his favourite flowers to grow for the purpose of cutting and indoor arrangements. We also tackle weeds and the best ways to prevent and fight them. A Muskoka cottage renovation shows us new alternatives for greener building in the country. Plus, we talk about country living and the changing landscape of farming with former Harrowsmith columnist Dan Needles.
It’s all in this issue, including a fascinating look at horse therapy, which uses horses to help people heal, and a glimpse behind the scenes of life as a lightkeeper. To mark Canada’s 150th anniversary, we also invited readers to share their favourite photos of our great nation, which we feature this issue.
It’s all part of a dialogue that started four decades ago, when Harrowsmith became synonymous with gardening, country living and treading a little more lightly upon the earth. The Summer 2017 edition of Harrowsmith proudly continues that tradition.
“It’s an exciting time for us,” says Harrowsmith publisher Yolanda Thornton. “Now more than ever, sustainability, grow-your-own and a deeper connection with the planet are shared values among a growing population. We at Harrowsmith aim to connect like-minded folk, continue those conversations and help people live the life they want to lead, one that is more conscientious of the resources we share. From greener practices to more sustainable lifestyles, the pages of our magazine explore the latest technologies and improvements that help us live a life that’s more in tune with the earth and living things among us.”
Tuesday, June 6, 2017