Making Tiny Toys in Wood

Fifteen easy-to-build plans that will charm the young and young at heart.

Making Tiny Toys in Wood

Making Tiny Toys in Wood

If young children of any size or pedigree are part of your life, and woodworking is one of your hobbies, this book of plans will likely be of interest. The only caveat is that you'll need a scroll saw, or band saw with a narrow 1/8" blade – available from R&D Bandsaws.

These are fairly uncomplicated plans – any woodworker worth his sawdust should be able to make one in an evening. Even if you're new to the craft these plans are about as basic as you can get. And, because they're so small – most are about 3" long – it's a great way to use up some of those left over pieces of wood you've been stashing away.

Each plan consists of  construction notes, a materials and parts list, an illustration showing how the parts go together, and patterns that you can photocopy and use as templates for cutting out the pieces. A dab of paint here and there, and you've got yourself some might fine tiny toys.

Because of all the small parts on these toys they're probably not best for children who automatically stuff every found object into their mouths. Otherwise, they make great birthday and seasonal presents.



  • Getting Started
  • Building a Tiny Toy
    • ​Bulldozer
  • Patterns
    • Noah's Arc
    • Carousel
    • Locomotive
    • Golf Cart
    • Windmill
    • Tractor
    • Wagon
    • Tugboat
    • 1909 Cadillac
    • Ferris Wheel
    • Bread Truck
    • Wishing Well
    • Barn
    • Horseless Carriage
  • Resources
PUBLISHER:Fox Chapel Publishing
AVAILABLE FROM:Your local bookseller or online
FORMAT:Softcover, 47 pages
AUTHOR:Howard Clements

Carl Duguay
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