Manual Training Toys for the Boy's Workshop: Book Review

A great selection of projects that you can enjoy making either by yourself or with a young assistant.

Manual Training Toys for the Boy's Workshop

Manual Training Toys for the Boy's Workshop

Maybe you have a wistful desire to return to 'days of old', or perhaps there is a youngster in your life who likes building things, as opposed to being overly committed to technological pursuits. If so, you'll want to have a look at this reprint of a 1912 original, which was dedicated to "the boy who likes to tinker round". And let's forgive the author, who lived in a different generation, from being so gender specific in his original title.
There are plans for 42 different toys in this book, including: Flying Top, Tom-Tom Drum, Whistle, Bow, Pencil Box, Kite, Water Wheel, Cart and Windmill. Each project contains a description of how to make and use the toy, along with an illustration and a cut list. Interspersed throughout the book are black and white photographs of some of the toys.

At the front end of the book are instructions that are meant " tell the boy who wants to make the toys described in this book some of the 'tricks of the trade'..." 90 years later many of these instructions are still quite useful. The author has two further bits of advice: study the drawings, and then pick up a tool and begin to do the work described. Sage advice for anyone who seeks to learn anything.


I would think that the projects in this book are best suited for children around ages 9 and upwards. Remember, that regardless of how simple a project might be, you should never leave a child unattended in a workshop.
The instructions that accompany each project are clear and concise. Though the grammar is somewhat dated I feel it adds to the character of the book. I suppose that the original photos and illustrations were retained to lend a certain ambiance to the book. While this might suit us older folk, I wonder if colour photos showing contemporary versions of the projects, and clearer illustrations, would be more suitable for younger folks.
This book has a great selection of projects that you can enjoy making either by yourself or with a young assistant.

PUBLISHER:Linden Publishing
AVAILABLE FROM:Your local bookseller or online
FORMAT:Softcover, 111 pages
AUTHOR:Harris W. Moore

Carl Duguay
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