Mastercraft 12V Lithium-ion Drill/Driver

A basic 12V drill that will give you reliable service and won't break the bank


Mastercraft 12V Lithium-ion Drill/Driver

If you are looking for a no-frills, reliable drill/driver for light duty work around the home, office or cottage, then the Mastercraft 12V Lithium-ion Drill/Driver (054-1211-4) just might suit your needs.
The 054-1211-4 has an all high impact ABS plastic body, with a rubber overmold around the handle. It's reasonably well balanced in the hand, though you can't set the drill upright on its base; the small footprint of the drill, coupled with the forward weight distribution, causes the drill to tip forward. The trigger is large enough to be easily controlled with forefinger, and the forward/reverse switch can likewise be quickly activated by thumb and the side of the forefinger.
The 054-1211-4 features a 1.3 Ah 12V lithium-ion battery. It generates 105 inch-pounds of torque, and has a variable speed range of 0 to 500 RPM. With this torque level you can easily drill 1-1/4" holes up to a couple of inches deep in softwood and 3/4" holes through 1" hardwood. You can also set 2" or 3" lag bolts in pre-drilled holes. For drilling larger, deeper holes and setting longer bolts you'll need a higher torque drill. However, the low speed on this drill, coupled with an 18 position clutch, make it ideal for setting screws. A higher speed setting would have been a nice addition, making it easier and quicker for a wider variety of drilling applications. The pressure-sensitive trigger works well, and the clutch moves smoothly without any slop. I also like that audible 'click' at each clutch setting so you know when you're on the mark.

Mastercraft includes a 30 minute diagnostic charger with this drill. A red light tells you if there is a problem with the battery, and a solid green light lets you know when you're good to go. And you don't have to worry about leaving the battery in the charger; it won't get over charged. Replacement batteries (54-1259-2) are a reasonable $39.99.
A 3/8" chuck is all most homeowners need; it will hold just about any size bit or driver you can get at Canadian Tire.
The 054-1211-4 has an LED work light, which I think is a very handy feature, particularly when you're drilling in a closet or under a counter where the lighting is less than ideal. It also comes with a soft side carry case so you can store the drill, batteries and charger all together.
What makes the 054-1211-4 even more attractive is the 3 year exchange warranty redeemable at any Canadian Tire Store.
If you're looking for a basic 12V drill that will give you reliable service and won't break the bank, then the Mastercraft 054-1211-4 is worth a look.

  • 12V lithium-ion battery
  • 105 in-lbs torque
  • 0-500 RPM
  • 3/8" single sleeve keyless chuck
  • 18 position clutch
  • LED work light
  • 2 lbs weight (with battery)
  • 3 year exchange warranty
  • Includes: 2 batteries, 30 minute charger, 2 bits, soft side carry case, instruction booklet

MODEL #:054-1211-4
 Carl Duguay, August 2010
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