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A great way to extend the clamping capacity of any metal bench vise


Maxtech Vise-Mate

The Maxtech Vise-Mate (16014MX) is an innovative accessory that will be of interest to anyone with a metal bench vise, and who wants to be able to extend the clamping capacity of the vise.
The Vise-Mate consists of two jaws connected by a metal beam. When placed between the jaws of a metal vise it extends the vise clamping capacity by 4". On a 6" vise it will enable you to clamp stock up to 10-1/4" wide. Capacity is somewhat diminished on a 4" vise.

Durable glass-filled nylon jaws    

The robust jaws are made of glass-filled nylon, which provides much greater structural and impact strength than ABS plastic. Nothing short of a severe beating with a sledge hammer is likely to damage these jaws.
The 12" long guide beam that connects the two jaws is made of 3/16" x 1-1/4" carbon steel. It has an enamel coating to protect it from rust, and an imperial scale printed on the top surface.

One end of the beam is attached to one of the jaws (bottom view)

One end of the beam is attached to one of the jaws; the other jaw slides back and forth along the beam. There is a hole in one end of the beam so that you can store the Vise-Mate on a nail or peg.

Easily hold a 2x10
V-grooves for clamping round stock
The 1-1/8" high jaws provide ample bearing surface to securely hold thick stock. I had no problem securing a piece of 6x6 post in the vise. And with the jaws fully open the Vise-Mate can easily hold a 2 by 10. As well, the jaws are smooth, so won't mar your stock. Screw stops act as a temporary stop when inserting a long piece of wood into the vise.
The Vise-Grip does an great job of holding round stock as well. The jaws faces are slightly curved enabling you to clamp round stock up to 10-1/4" in diameter. Integrated v-grooves on the front edge of the jaws can securely hold dowels and piping 3/16" diameter and larger.

5" minimum capacity with the vise jaws fully closed
Use a spacer to hold stock under 5" in width
With the vise jaws fully closed, the Vise-Mate has a 5" minimum capacity. To hold narrower stock you'll need to use a space - for example, to hold a 2x3 in its jaws you'll need to use a 2" spacer.

Raised level for drilling into work piece
The top 1/8" of the jaws have been relieved to support boards so that you can safely drill through your stock without damaging he Vise-Mate. I found that thinner stock, like 3/4" ply, was easy to secure on the recessed ledge because the edges are crisp. There is a tendency for thicker stock, particularly when the edges are rounded over, to slip out of the recess.
All in all, the Maxtech Vise-Mate is a great accessory for anyone who has a metal bench vise, and wants to extend its clamping capacity. I found it to be very durable, quick and easy to use, practical, and well priced.



  • 4-3/16" x7" (closed)
  • Glass filled nylon jaws
  • Carbon steel guide beam
  • Integrated V-grooves for round stock
  • Raised level for drilling into stock
  • Extends vise clamping capacity by 4"
  • Clamps stock up to 10-1/4" wide (on a 6" vise)

RETAIL PRICE:$14.95 - $24.95
MODEL #:16014MX

Carl Duguay, April 2012
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