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Reinforced fingers (with long wearing Material4x fabric), padded palms to absorb shock, light weight, comfortable, snug fit, and washable


Mechanix Utility Work Gloves

There are dozens of different types of work gloves for just about every type of job - framing, brick laying, flooring, plastering, roofing, welding, painting, and so on. Which means there really is no 'best type of glove'. Instead, you need to  match the particular job requirements to the features you most need in a glove.
When it comes to general purpose work gloves I look for four features: durability, flexibility, breathability and weight. I want gloves that will provide me with good protection from cuts and abrasions, yet won't significantly reduce my manual dexterity. I also want gloves I can wear for long periods of time without causing my hands to sweat. The Mechanix Utility Work Gloves (CG4X) that I've been using for the past couple of weeks look like they'll fit the bill.
The CG4X gloves are classed as Commercial Grade (CG) gloves reinforced with Mechanix Wear's proprietary Material4X™ material (4X). Material4X is a simulated leather material that is strong and puncture resistant, and feels much like genuine leather. According to Mechanix Wear, both lab and field tests show that this material lasts 4 times longer than other comparable fabrics.

Reinforced fingers - top
Reinforced fingers - bottom
The fingertips are reinforced, on both the back and front, with Material4x fabric. The material is smooth, yet not slippery, even when wet. It provides a good grip on tool handles, but the material isn't so thick that you loose all dexterity - I was able to pick up small items, like screws, nails, and washers, without too much trouble. I noticed that there is double stitching on the fingers (single stitching on the thumb), which helps to increase durability.

Palm areas are amply padded
Flexible nylon-Spandex backing
The palms are well padded, providing ample cushioning and some shock absorption, yet not so thick that it doesn't afford a secure grip. The back of the gloves are covered with a nylon and Spandex fabric that flexes smoothly with hand movement. I've some concern here, as the backing is 95% nylon and 5% Spandex. While nylon is strong, light weight, durable and abrasion resistant, it doesn't breathe or absorb moisture well, which means that these gloves might be somewhat clammy in warm weather. I've been wearing them outdoors in cool weather, and so far, no complaints.

Tab makes it easy to pull the  gloves on
Hook and loop closure for a snug fit
There is a convenient pull tab that makes it easy to pull the gloves on, and a hook and loop fastener secures the cuff of the glove around the wrist snugly.
Time will tell just how durable the CG4X gloves are. For the price though, they are very good value - reinforced fingers (with long wearing Material4x fabric); padded palms to absorb shock; light weight; comfortable, snug fit; and, washable.


  • Available in S, M, L, XL, XXL sizes
  • Material4X™ reinforced
  • Two-way stretch Spandex top
  • Machine washable
  • Easy on-off cuff

AVAILABLE FROM:Mechanix Wear Online
MADE IN:Vietnam
January 2012
Carl Duguay
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