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Well made snips that will be of particular interest to plumbers, electricians, mechanics, siding installers - in fact, anyone who works metal


Milwaukee 10" Bulldog Snips

The Milwaukee 10" Bulldog Snips (48-22-4000) are part of the 'tin snip' family, which also includes aviation snips and angle snips. You'll also see them referred to as notch snips because one of their primary uses is notching sheet metal.
Along with notching jobs, bulldog snips excel at cutting and trimming metal - particularly thicker stock that would be difficult to cut with aviation snips. You can also use them for cutting aluminum or vinyl siding, flashing, T-bar, screening, plastics, leather and other flat, hard material.

Top: Bulldog snips, Bottom: Aviation snips      

As you can see in the photo above, bulldog and aviation snips look virtually the same, except for their blade length. Their shorter jaw length, along with the long handles provides greater cutting force due to the increased leverage. While aviation snips are capable of cutting 18g (.05") sheet steel and 22g (.03") stainless steel, bulldog snips will cut 16g (.06") sheet steel and 18g (.05") stainless steel.
The strong steel handles won't bend, no matter how much hand pressure you apply, and they maximize the transfer of hand force to cutting power. The handles are covered with a comfortable overmold grip that is both soft yet durable. The integrated thumb and forefinger holds enhance your grip as well. There is also a loop on the end of the handle so that you can store the cutters on a pegboard.

Short serrated cutting blades      

The blades are hot drop-forged molybdenum alloy steel which are then heat-treated, producing a strong, durable cutting edge. The serrated cutting edges help prevent material from slipping when you're cutting.

Flush pivot nut    
The pivot nut is flush on one side to help prevent material from getting caught up on the nut. It's a feature found on the Milwaukee Aviation Snips as well.

Quick locking mechanism  

The one-handed locking mechanism is quick and easy to use - just press the handles together to release the locking arm. To lock the arms squeeze the handles together and then press the locking lever with your thumb.
The heavy-duty double over-wind spring opens the handles quickly and smoothly, and don't require a lot of hand pressure when closing the handles.

However, as I pointed out in my review of the Milwaukee Aviation Snips, if you store the snips in an open tool box with other hand tools, even moderate pressure exerted on the handles of the snips - as a result of tools pressing together - will open the snip. This is an inconvenience that you can overcome by storing them in the pocket of a tool bag, or putting an elastic band around the handles.

Easily cut piano hinge     
Plumbers, electricians, mechanics, siding installers - anyone who works metal - are sure to like the Milwaukee 10" Bulldog Snips (48-22-4000). They're well made, comfortable to use, and best of all, you can get them for under $20.


  • 10" overall length
  • 5-1/2" handle length
  • 1" blades
  • Made of forged alloy steel
  • Hard chrome plated cutters
  • One-hand locking
  • Flush pivot bolt
  • Serrated jaws cut up to 16g cold rolled steel, 18g stainless steel
  • Rust protective coating
  • Thumb and forefinger holds
  • Rubber overmold grip
  • Hanging loop on handle
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Manufacturer:Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp
Available From:Tool and equipment suppliers nationwide
Retail Price:$15.99
Model #:48-22-4000
Made In:Taiwan
Carl Duguay, May 2012
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