Milwaukee 10" Tongue & Groove Pliers

Good quality tools that will provide many years of reliable service for tradespeople, and a lifetime of use for DIYers


Milwaukee 10" Tongue & Groove Pliers

The Milwaukee 10" Tongue & Groove Pliers (48-22-3210), like the Milwaukee Reaming Pliers, are part of the adjustable pliers family. You'll also find them referred to as groove joint pliers or water pump pliers.
Their jaws are offset from the handles, and they have a slip joint design so that the fulcrum point can be adjusted by sliding the two arms apart, thereby increasing the jaw capacity. Some have curved jaws, but most have a flat jaws.
The 48-22-3210 pliers are 10" long, with nicely padded 6-1/4" handles, and overall weight is approximately one pound. Like the other Milwaukee pliers, these are made of forged alloy steel, and have a rust protective coating. Still, it's a good idea to wipe them down with a rust inhibitor like
WD-40's Long Term Corrosion Inhibitor once in a while.

Up to 2" capacity     

When fully extended the jaws can securely grasp up to 2" - wide enough to handle everything but the largest nuts and bolts.

Flat, deeply serrated jaws ensure an excellent grip    

The jaws are 1/2" wide, which I like - too narrow and they wouldn't be able to grip securely, particularly on larger nuts. Unlike the Milwaukee reaming pliers the jaws are flat. At 1-1/4" long, the deeply serrated jaws provide excellent grip on nuts and bolts. A nice feature of these pliers is that when you apply pressure on an object the handles remain parallel, so there is more surface contact to prevent slipping.

Head can ream up to 2" pipe    
As with the Milwaukee reaming pliers there is a raised 5/32" ridge along the top of the head for reaming pipe up to about 2" in diameter.

These are very good quality tools that will provide many years of reliable service for tradespeople, and a lifetime of use for DIYers. A 12" version (48-22-3212) is also available.


  • 10" overall length
  • 6-1/4" handle length
  • 15 ounce weight
  • 2" jaw capacity
  • Head reams up to 2" pipe
  • Made of forged alloy steel
  • Induction hardened jaws
  • Rust protective coating
  • Rubber overmold grip
  • 16 ounce weight
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Manufacturer:Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp
Available From:Tool and equipment suppliers nationwide
Retail Price:$27.75
Model #:48-22-3210
Made In:Taiwan
Carl Duguay, August 2012

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