Milwaukee 12PC Shockwave Drive Guide Set

A compact drive bit set in which the storage case serves as the driver handle.Also includes a handy wire stripper and bender.


Milwaukee 12PC Shockwave Drive Guide Set

Here is a compact 12 piece drive bit set in which the storage case serves as the driver handle. Integrated into the case is a handy wire stripper and bender. And it can be had for under $24, or about $2 per piece.

All-in-one: the handle stores the bits and driver         
The 48-32-4507 Drive Guide Set measures a compact 5/8" x 2-1/8" x 5-1/4" and weighs only 5 ounces, making it easy enough to carry around in a jacket or pants pocket or in a tool belt. The case, which serves as the driver handle, is made of a tough, impact resistant ABS plastic. The slim, rectangular shape of the case isn't nearly as comfortable as a conventional round driver handle. However, these driver bits are meant to be used primarily with an impact driver or drill/driver. For occasional use then, the handle/case suffices.

Case opens for access to bits      
The case is spring loaded on one end — you simply separate the two arms to gain access to the bits housed in one arm. The other arm stores the driver. There is no latch to close the open end of the case, and in use there is a tendency for the arms to jiggle together.
The set comes with 11 bits — one of them is always stored in the driver.

Drive Style(Quantity) Size
Phillips(2) P2, (1) P3
Square(1) SQ2
Slotted(1) 3/16", (1) 1/4"
Torx(1) T15, (1) T20, (1) T25
ECX(1) #1, (1) #2
Also includes one 3" Shockwave magnetic drive guide 
The selection of bits in this set is best suited for anyone who does electrical work, appliance repair, or electronics 
maintenance and repair.
The ECX bits are used on screws that have a combo square/slotted head often found on electrical boxes and outlets, conduit couplers, and the like.
Torx bits are used on screws with a six-starred head. Their primarily use is in the electronics and automotive sectors. You'll also find them used on a lot of power tools and small appliances.
The other driver styles in this set are common enough that you'll likely find lots of use for them.


On one end of the handle/case is a 1/4" hex slot for mounting the 3" long driver guide. You press fit the guide into the handle. The fit is very snug, requiring quite a bit of effort to pull the guide out of the handle. Perhaps over time the plastic will wear down enough to make inserting and removing the driver easier — without leading to a sloppy fit.
The driver has a snap ring, located near the tip of the holder, and a strong magnet inserted at the base of its mouth. Bits fit tightly into the driver yet are easy enough to remove.
What is unique about this driver is that it has an outer sleeve that you can extend over the bit and screw or bolt. This helps to minimize wobble as you're installing the fastener. It's also handy if you're installing long stainless steel or brass screws, which easily slip off the end of magnetized bits.

Magnetic Shockwave bits   
This set contains Milwaukee's new Shockwave™ impact bits, which are touted as providing up to 10 times the life of other impact bits. The bodies are made from proprietary steel that is heat treated to control hardness, and the forged tips are heat treated twice to provide a secure grip and maximum contact, reducing stripping or slipping. They also feature a scalloped shank design that serves to dissipate shock, enabling the bit to flex under stress, which helps to reduce breakage.

Wire stripper and bender   
At one end of the handle/case is an integrated wire stripper and a hole for bending wire. It has four cutters for stripping solid wire from 10 to 16 AWG and stranded wire from 12 to 18 AWG. I found that stripping 14/2 wire quickly and cleanly.
If you do any amount of electrical or electronics service and repair work, and you're looking for a compact, easy-to-carry driver kit, the Milwaukee 12PC Shockwave Drive Guide Set (48-32-4507) might fit the bill. The extensible driver sleeve is a handy feature, and the Shockwave bits are well made and very durable.



  • 5/8" x 2-1/8" x 5-1/4"
  • 11 1" bits & 1 drive guide
  • Shockwave bit design
  • Forged magnetic bit tips
  • Drive guide has expandable sleeve
  • Case functions as handle
  • Strips solid wire 10-16 AWG; stranded 12-18
  • Integrated wire bender
  • 5 ounce weight

SOURCE:Find a Retailer

Carl Duguay, January 2013
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