Milwaukee 12V Hackzall Cordless Recip Saw

Here is a tool that justifies the saying that 'good things come in small packages'


Milwaukee 12V Hackzall Cordless Recip Saw

If you only need to make one or two cuts in copper or plastic piping, then, by all means, reach for your hand powered hacksaw or PVC saw. But if you find yourself constantly reaching for either of these saws, then you'll want to consider upgrading to this new Milwaukee 12V Hackzall Cordless Recip Saw (2420-22).
The 2420-22 is part of the growing line of 12V power tools from Milwaukee, operating on a 1.4 amp-hour battery, which generates 0-3000 strokes per minute. According to Milwaukee, you can expect to cut about 80 pieces of 1-1/2" PVC pipe on a single charge. It comes with a 30 minute charger, and a second battery, so that there's no reason it won't always be ready to cut when you are. There is also an on-board battery fuel gauge, which is very useful for checking how much power is remaining before you begin work. There is nothing so frustrating as when a tool conks out just after you've shimmied up a ladder or crawled under a deck.
Trigger and lock-on button
On-board battery fuel gauge
At well under half the size (11-3/8" long) and weight (2.6 pounds) of a conventional reciprocating saw, the 2420-22 is great for using overhead, and for reaching into tight, restricted places. While you can use it on-handed, I find it best to use two hands. The handle and the front neck is cover with a rubber over-mold making it comfortable to hold. The trigger is a generous size and the lock-on button easily accessible with thumb and forefinger. The battery stores in the handle, and this results in a somewhat larger diameter handle than I would like, particularly when wearing gloves and using the tool for more than five or ten minutes continuously.
Large shoe, but doesn't pivot
Excellent blade clamping mechanism
The shoe is large (1-1/2" x 3"), but it doesn't pivot, which is nice to have when you're primarily cutting wood, as it helps reduce splintering. The shoe extends about 1-1/2" from the front of the tool housing, so that it's easy to get your fingers underneath to manipulate the QUIK-LOC feature; it's just a fancy name for a very fast and effective blade clamping mechanism. The large 1" diameter spring loaded collar makes very quick work of changing blades.
Accepts all 4" 50 6" Hackzall and Sawzall blades
Unbeatable for tight spaces; easy to use overhead
The 2420-22 does have a work light, but the shoe does restrict the light from fully illuminating the work area. Still, it's better than no light at all when you're working in a dim or poorly lit work area.

The stroke, at 1/2", matches the rather short blades that you'll use with this saw, typically 4" or 6" Hackzall or Sawzall blades. While a short stroke will mean slower cutting, it does give a smoother, more precise cut. I tried both the 4" and 6" blades, and prefer the 6" blades; I think that the extra length gives a faster cut.
Scraper blades are beveled
Does an excellent job at removing paint
Even if cutting piping, studs and sheet goods was all that the 2420-22 did, that would justify, in my mind, purchasing the tool. However, it's also a stellar tool for scraping and grout removal. There are three optional blades you can purchase - 1-1/2" and a 3" wide scraper blades, and a 2-1/4" long grout removal blade. The scraper blades are 1/16" thick, so they don't flex at all under use, and the scraping edge is beveled at about 30°. 

While they do an excellent job on weathered paint, it's a good idea to apply paint remover to the work surfaces before beginning to scrape with the 2420-22. The grout blade has a coating of coarse carbide grit along it's curved cutting edge, and according to Milwaukee, it will remove all epoxy and cement-based grout. This sucker cuts very aggressively, and beats the heck out of a standard hand grout removal tool.
Large carbide grit aggressively removes grout
Beats grout removal by hand
The Milwaukee 12V Hackzall Cordless Recip Saw (2420-22) is likely to become your 'go-to' saw when you need to make intermittent cuts on smaller diameter plastic and copper piping, 2x4's, drywall, and sheet goods, and for all kinds of scraping and grout removal tasks. It won't replace a full-size recip saw, (or come to think of it, doesn't have all the versatility of a multi-tool) but it sure is darn convenient - not to mention lighter, easier to control and a lot quieter. The suggested retail price is $199, but I've seen it at the big box stores for $149. What a great deal, especially as it comes with two batteries, fast charger, very sweet case, and two blades.

2420-22 Accessories

Replacement Battery48-11-2401$49.00
10-Piece Hackzall Blade Set49-22-0220$34.99
1 1/2" Scraper Blade49-00-5463$9.99
3" Scraper Blade49-00-5463$12.99
Grout Removal Tool49-00-5450$16.99


  • 12V, 1.4 amp-hour lithium-ion battery
  • 0-3,000 SPM (strokes per minute)
  • 1/2" stroke length
  • Accepts Hackzall and Sawzall blades
  • 11-3/8" long
  • Trigger lock
  • Battery fuel gauge
  • LED work light
  • QUIK-LOC blade clamp
  • 2.6 pound weight
  • 5 year warranty
  • Includes: 2 batteries, 30 minute charger, 2 Hackzall blades, carry case, operator's manual 

MANUFACTURER:Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp
AVAILABLE FROM:Tool and equipment suppliers nationwide
MODEL #:2420-22
 Carl Duguay, February 2011
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