Milwaukee 12V Lithium-Ion 3/8" Hammer/Drill Driver

Nicely appointed, light weight, and ample power for shop and home or ligher duty job site tasks


Milwaukee 12V Lithium-Ion 3/8" Hammer/Drill Driver

I'm particularly fond of multi-purpose or combination tools, probably because I work in a small (well, tiny) workshop, and I don't like having to carry a lot of gear with me when I go to a work site. And, I think that, in general, combo tools are more economical.
The Milwaukee 2411-22 offers the benefit of a standard drill driver with the power of a hammer drill in one relatively light, compact tool. As far as I can determine, it's the only compact hammer/drill driver currently on the market. It's somewhat different from an impact/drill driver. Impact drivers employ a rotational hammering mechanism (like whacking a wrench with a hammer to loosen or tighten a bolt). Hammer drivers use an in-line pounding mechanism (much like hammering a nail with a hammer). While an impact driver does a great job of driving large lag screws and bolts, a hammer driver does a better job drilling holes in bricks, blocks, stones and concrete.
The 2411-22 uses the ubiquitous cartridge style lithium-ion battery, though it's rated slighter higher than others - 1.4 amp-hours. Not a significant increase over the more common 1.3 amp-hours, but who'll begrudge having a bit more fuel in the tank.

12-volt 1.4 amp-hour cartridge style battery
Trigger, forward/reverse switch and LED light
For drilling and driving tasks, the 2411-22 delivers two speeds - 0-400 RPM and 0-1,500 RPM, and it has 18 clutch settings. Nothing you can find fault with here. This is a good range of speeds, and enough clutch settings that you can easily set your screws to sink to just the right depth. Too many clutch settings is just overkill, and likely discourages users from taking advantage of the benefits of the clutch. I really like that Milwaukee has used an all-metal chuck. On a job site this is where encounters with hard objects is most likely to take place. I'm more comfortable with metal meeting concrete than plastic.

One of the few compact drills with an all-metal chuck
Control center: speed selector switch at the stern, and drill, driving and hammering modes at the fore
While big is not always necessarily better, the adage does hold true when it comes to torque. At 275 inch-pounds of torque, the 2411-22 has enough oomph to drill just about the largest and longest holes you'll likely need, and to sink the full range of screws that most woodworks generally use. I had no problem sinking dozens of 3-1/2" #8 screws in decking material and blasting out 1-1/2" holes through framing stock. And, a second battery plus the fast charger eliminates down time.

On-board power meter
LED light is handy in confined or ill-lit spaces
I certainly don't use a hammer drill as much as a drill drive, but I've always brought one along on jobs, for that just-in-case moment. With the 2411-22 of course, I'll always have one at the ready. It delivers an impressive 0 to 22,500 blows per minute, comparable to what you'll find on many 18-volt hammer drills. I found drilling holes in concrete for 3/16" and 1/4" Tapcon screws to go reasonably well. For 1/2" and larger wedge anchor bolts I'd likely revert to my corded hammer drill, which has twice the everything - speed, blows, and weight.

Rubber pads (to the right and left of the red cover) protect the drill when laid on its side
Well balanced and comfortable (if somewhat chunky handle)
As for the rest, the 2411-22 pretty well has it all - on board battery power meter, LED work light (which stays on for about 10 seconds after you release the trigger), light weight for a combo tool (2.8 pounds), comfortable handle (if somewhat bulky), two batteries, fast charger, and one of the few tools that comes with a rigid, lockable case - none of those ubiquitous shopping bags that most manufacturers pass off as tool cases. The drill is quite well-balanced, and sits steadily on its handle when set down. Additionally, there are two rubber pads on each side of the drill, to protect it when you lay it on it's side. About the only thing it's lacking is a belt clip.
At just under $220 I think that the 2411-22 offers very good value (particularly with its 5-year warranty). Contractors, renovators, tradespeople and avid DIYers will likely be those most impressed with this tool. I certainly am.
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  • 3/8"
  • 12V lithium-ion battery, 1.4 Ah
  • 18 clutch settings
  • 0-400 RPM and 0-1,500 RPM
  • 0-22,500 BPM
  • 275 in/lbs torque
  • On board battery power meter
  • LED work light
  • 2.8 lbs weight
  • 7-1/2" head length
  • 5-year warranty
  • Includes: fast charger, 2 batteries, hard shell case

MANUFACTURER:Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp
AVAILABLE FROM:Tool and equipment suppliers nationwide
MODEL #:2411-22
Carl Duguay, February 2011
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