Milwaukee 6 IN 1 Long Nose Pliers

These are needle-nose pliers on steroids - cut, grip, bend, strip, loop, ream, and pull. Whoa!


Milwaukee 6 IN 1 Long Nose Pliers

These Milwaukee 6 IN 1 Long Nose Pliers (48-22-3068) are needle-nose pliers on steroids. Along with the usual cutting, gripping and bending that you would use needle-nose pliers for, they also strip and loop wire, ream pipe, and pull nails.
They are similar to the Milwaukee 6 IN 1 Combination Pliers (48-22-3069) we reviewed a short while ago, but heavier, longer and overall more robust. They lack the bolt cutting feature of the 3069 and don't strip the finer gauge wire. But they also don't have the locking mechanism found on the 3069, which I found very awkward to use.

Top: 3069; Bottom: 3068

The 3068 pliers are just over 8" long, with the handles accounting for almost 5". The long handles, in conjunction with the fulcrum positioned close to the cutting edge, enable you to exert a lot of cutting force. As with all the Milwaukee pliers the body is made of forged alloy steel, with a rust protective coating, and the handles are covered with a ribbed rubber grip, which makes for a firmer grip, especially when wearing gloves or if your hands are slippery. Even though they are treated, it's best to occasionally spray them with a rust inhibitor like WD-40's Long Term Corrosion Inhibitor.

Tapered head gets you into tight spots 

The tapered head on the 3068 pliers makes them very useful for reaching into areas where wires or cables are difficult to reach.

Reaming edges       

About 3/4" of the jaws have been milled with straight ridges so that you can ream pipe from 1/2" to 1" diameter. Open the pliers and use one jaw for 1/2" pipe. It certainly doesn't do as good a job as a spiral reamer. If the outside of the jaws were more convex in shape, reaming would be more effective.

3/4" laser hardened cutter, and three wire strippers  

The 3/4" long V-shaped wire and nail cutter is laser hardened for increased durability. It cuts through 10 gauge wire, #5 bolts, and nails up to 7d relatively easy to cut through. Anything more takes considerably more effort, using both hands to apply pressure.
With the wire stripper you can strip the ends of 10-14 AWG solid wire and 12-16 AWG  stranded wire quickly and cleanly.

Nail puller is awkward to use      

I found that the nail puller didn't work well because the head is in line with the handle, which makes it difficult to grasp the handle with the puller holding a nail. In order get your fingers under the plier handles the nail head needs to be at least 3/4" above the work surface. And, pulling our nails longer than about 2-1/2" is difficult. To be more effective the head on the these pliers needs to be offset from the handles, by 15° or so, as with the Milwaukee 6 IN 1 Diagonal Cutting Pliers (48-22-4106).
The wire bender, however, works very well on wire up to 10 gauge.

The Milwaukee 6 IN 1 Long Nose Pliers (48-22-3068) represent good value for a tad over $25. They're very robust, and will take care of most of your day-to-day nipping and stripping.


  • 8-1/8" overall length
  • 4-7/8" handle length
  • Made of forged alloy steel
  • 3/4" laser hardened cutting edge
  • Reaming head - 1/2" to 1" pipe
  • Wire stripper (10-14 AWG solid, 12-16 AWG stranded)
  • Looper (up to 10g wire)
  • Nail puller
  • Rust protected
  • 11 oz weight
  • Rubber overmold grip
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Manufacturer:Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp
Available From:Tool and equipment suppliers nationwide
Retail Price:$24.99
Model #:48-22-3068
Made In:Taiwan
 Carl Duguay, April 2012
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