Milwaukee 8 Piece Screwdriver Set

These screwdrivers will be of specific interest to tradespeople, especially electricians and HVAC contractors, because of their patented ECX™ tip.


Milwaukee 8 Piece Screwdriver Set

The ECX tip, which looks like a slotted driver with a square center, is a newly designed screwdriver tip that perfectly fits the various specialty screws used in electrical boxes, conduit couplers, outlets, and other job site fixtures. It virtually eliminates cam-out. And, at just under $50, or a tad over $6 per driver, this set offers great value that will broaden its appeal to woodworkers and avid DIYers.
The set consists of the following drivers:
Phillips #1, #2
ECX #1, #2
Slotted, 1/4", 5/16"
Slotted (Cabinet) 3/16" short shaft and 3/16" long shaft

Phillips, ECX, Slotted, Slotted/Cabinet (with steel caps)        
All have 4" shock resistant steel shafts, except the Slotted 5/16" and the Slotted Cabinet 3/16", which have 6" shafts. The difference between the Slotted drivers is that the Cabinet version have a round shanks; all the screwdrivers have six-sided shafts. Additionally, the ECX and Phillips drivers have an integrated 12-gauge wire stripper (built into the handle) and a wire bender (a hole through the shaft). The two largest Slotted drivers have shock resistant steel caps on the ends of the handles, so you can happily whack them for all you're worth. Plus, all the drives have  shock resistant steel tips for added durability.

Wire stripper integrated on the handle
Wire bender conveniently located on the shaft
If you typically store screwdrivers in a belt or pouch with the handle side up, you'll appreciate that Milwaukee has marked the bit type on the top of each handle for quick identification. These are standard screwdrivers; they don't have insulated handles nor non-conducting shafts. Neither do they have magnetized tips, which I really like. However, look for Milwaukee to add the insulated/non-conductive drives to their hand tool line-up in the near future.

Shock resistant steel tips
Rigid but comfy handles
The handles are graduated in size from about 4-5/8" on the largest to 3-3/4" on the smallest. While rock solid, the handles have a rubber over-mold that makes them comfortable to use.
This is an excellent set that will especially appeal to anyone who does any amount of electrical work, yet still offer good value to everyone looking for good quality screwdrivers.

Whack away! 
The ECX tip has to be tried to be fully appreciated


  • 8 pieces: ECX #1, #2; Phillips #1, #2; Slotted 1/4", 5/16", 3/16" (with 4" and 6" shafts)
  • Rubber over-mold grip
  • Steel caps on the two largest slotted drivers
  • Shock resistant steel tips
  • Bit type marked on end of handle
  • Integrated wire stripper and bender on EXC and Philips drivers
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Manufacturer:Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp
Available From:Tool and equipment suppliers nationwide
Retail Price:$49.99
Model #:48-22-2008
Made In:Taiwan
Carl Duguay, January 2011
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