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Milwaukee Expands Inkzall Permanent Markers Line

MILWAUKEE, WI- Milwaukee Tool Corporation continues to expand their Hand Tool offering and Inkzall™ Jobsite Marker line with the new Chisel Tip Marker, 2PK Fine Point Marker, and 4PK Coloured Fine Point Markers.  Like all Milwaukee Inkzall™ markers, aptly named for their ability to write through dusty, wet or oily surfaces, each of the new models is designed and optimized for jobsite use.
“Since their launch earlier this year, Inkzall™ Jobsite Markers have set a new industry standard for marking tool performance on the jobsite,” says Bobby Shaw, Director of Marketing for Milwaukee Tool. “The addition of the Chisel tip marker to the Milwaukee Inkzall™ line up provides users with the ability to write thicker, bolder lines, while maintaining the ability to mark in compact areas. Coloured markers allow users to more easily identify their marks on the jobsite and provide a quick means of differentiating things like circuits in a panel or various pipe runs.”
Featuring Wear & Clog Resistant Acrylic Nibs and Quick Dry Ink, Milwaukee Inkzall™  Markers provide end users with performance unmatched by competitive marking tools.  For added user convenience, the markers are optimized with a proprietary ink for faster drying time to reduce smearing while not drying out too quickly when the cap is left off. Complete with a built-in hard hat clip for easy storage and access, all Milwaukee Inkzall™ solutions were designed from the ground up with the professional tradesman in mind.
Confirming Milwaukee’s commitment to best-in-class durability and their relentless mission to provide innovative productivity enhancing solutions to the end user, the new Milwaukee Inkzall™ Chisel Tip markers will be available in August 2014 and the 4 PK Coloured Markers will be available in October 2014.
Inkzall™ Model Options
48-22-3105      2PK Fine Point Black Markers- NEW
48-22-3103      Chisel Tip Black Marker- NEW
48-22-3106      4Pk Colour Fine Point Marker (Red, Blue, Green & Black)- NEW
48-22-3100      Fine Point Black Marker
48-22-3101      Stylus and Fine Point Black Marker
48-22-3102      2pk Medium Point Black Markers
48-22-3104      4pk Fine Point Black Markers