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Milwaukee Expands Tool Lanyard and Lanyard Accessory Lineup

Milwaukee Lanyard

MARKHAM, ON — Milwaukee Tool improves safety on the jobsite with the expansion of their Tool Lanyard and Lanyard Accessory lineup, designed to provide a secure tether for tools at risk of falling and improve jobsite safety while reducing user frustration. With increased weight ratings and lengths and more tethering options, the new lanyards and accessories are capable of tethering to a wide variety of tools and equipment.
"The Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that falling objects cause an injury every 11 minutes and account for 5 percent of all workplace fatalities in the United States. Statistics like this reinforce how crucial it is for companies to implement tethering programs to prevent these types of injuries in the first place," said Derek Rose, Group Product Manager for Milwaukee Tool. "To further protect users on the jobsite without hindering productivity, we are expanding our lineup of tool lanyards and accessories so users can easily outfit their teams with the proper tethering equipment."
Rated for up to 10lbs and 15lbs respectively, the new Milwaukee Extended Reach Locking Tool Lanyards provide the best-in-class shock absorption making it easier to work overhead and farther away from an anchor point. The extended reach lanyards will be available in 54" lengths with 50% more reach than our current 36" offering and 72" lengths that are double the reach of our original lanyards. The extended reach lanyards will feature double-locking carabiners to provide secure anchoring and integrated 360° swivels to prevent twists and tangles, allowing users to continue working efficiently without fighting with the tether. The new lanyards will also feature color-coding to easily identify the proper weight-rated lanyard for the job.
Also included in the lanyard expansion, Milwaukee will now offer two wrist lanyards, rated for up to 5lbs and ideal for repetitive work with lighter weight tools. Developed for all day comfort, both wrist lanyards are designed with a soft adjustable, hook and loop strap for tool anchorage. The Wrist Lanyard features a cinch for tool-attachment and the Quick-Connect Wrist Lanyard incorporates the Quick-Connect Lanyard System that lets users easily swap between tools with a double-locking carabiner and 360° swivel.

Also available will be a Milwaukee Anchor Strap that wraps around beams and rails when there isn’t a set anchoring location. Enabling users to tether more tools in more places, the Anchor Strap is rated for up to a maximum of 50lbs and can hold up to five carabiners with an oversized D-Ring. For increased durability, the Anchor Strap comes equipped with an abrasion-resistant 840D sleeve.
The new Milwaukee Tool Lanyards include a Limited Lifetime Warranty and are a testament to Milwaukee Tool’s continued commitment to develop game-changing solutions professionals truly want and need to stay safe and stay productive.  
Milwaukee Tool Lanyards & Accessories
10lbs 36" Locking Tool Lanyard  8-22-8810    
15lbs 36" Locking Tool Lanyard 48-22-8815    
35lbs 36" Locking Tool Lanyard  48-22-8850
10lbs Quick-Connect Locking Tool Lanyard   48-22-8820      
10lbs 54" Extended Reach Locking Tool Lanyard  48-22-8811
10lbs 72" Extended Reach Locking Tool Lanyard  48-22-8812—NEW! MSRP: $42.99
15lbs 54" Extended Reach Locking Tool Lanyard  48-22-8816—NEW! MSRP: $44.99
15lbs 72" Extended Reach Locking Tool Lanyard 48-22-8817—NEW! MSRP: $49.99
5lbs Wrist Lanyard  48-22-8830—NEW! MSRP: $23.99
5lbs Quick-Connect Wrist Lanyard 48-22-8835—NEW! MSRP: $29.99
3pc 10lbs Quick-Connect Accessory 48-22-8823      
3pc 5lbs Small Quick-Connect Accessory 48-22-8822      
12ft Self-Adhering Tape 48-22-8860      
5pc 2lbs D-Ring Attachment 48-22-8870      
5pc 5lbs D-Ring Attachment 48-22-8871      
35lbs D-Ring Attachment 48-22-8872      
5pc 2lbs 3/4" Split Ring  48-22-8880      
5pc 2lbs 1" Split Ring  48-22-8881      
5pc 2lbs 1.5" Split Ring 48-22-8882      
5pc 2lbs 2" Split Ring 48-22-8883      
50lbs Anchor Strap 48-22-8855—NEW! SRP: $46.99
Tuesday, October 15, 2019