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This is a handy saw to have for the occasional cutting task. You can use it to cut copper and PVC piping, drywall, laminates, and to make short cuts in sheet goods


Milwaukee Folding Jab Saw

Over the past year Milwaukee has come out with a number of interesting hand tools, designed with the needs of tradespeople in mind, but well suited to avid DIYers as well.
The Folding Jab Saw (48-22-0305) is, it seems, a clever way for Milwaukee to get some extra mileage from their excellent quality Sawzall blades. The 48-22-0305 consists of a 6-1/2" high-impact plastic ABS handle that accepts any 6" Sawzall blade. The handle has a rubber over-mold, which makes it more comfortable to use for extended periods of time. The inner core of the saw is made from a non-magnetic metal alloy, and extends to the top of the saw, where any impact against material you're working on will occur.

Metal inner core
Metal extends to top of saw handle
On one side of the saw is a locking lever, which enables you to install or remove a blade. On the other side is a release button; when depressed you can fold the blade into the saw body. There is a cutaway in the base of the handle that makes it easy to grab the saw blade when you want to use the blade.

Locking lever 
Release button
The 48-22-0305 comes with three blades: wood, metal and multi-purpose. I quite like the Milwaukee blades they're tough, and cut exceptionally well.

Three blades are included with the 48-22-0305    
This is a nice folding saw. The locking mechanism works well, holding blades securely, yet releasing them quickly. When a blade is in the closed mode (positioned in the handle), it remains locked in place. You can toss the saw into a tool box without the blade being damaged by other tools. Its also light and small enough to easily carry in a tool belt.

Easy blade retraction
Fits comfortable in the hand
This is a handy saw to have for the occasional cutting task. You can use it to cut copper and PVC piping, drywall, laminates, and short cuts in sheet goods. Because of the 6" blade it takes a bit longer to cut material, but it is much more convenient to carry around than a full size hacksaw or PVC saw.

I'm not certain of why Milwaukee refers to this saw as a 'jab saw'; the design of the Sawzall blades isn't, in my view, overly effective for making stabbing cuts by hand. For doing any amount of work on drywall I would much prefer the Milwaukee Rasping Jab Saw (48-22-0304). At around $40 (with taxes in) it seems a bit pricey to me, even though it comes with three blades. Still, for the the odd job of cutting piping and short cuts in sheet goods, the 48-22-0305 would make a very nice tool to have on hand.

Mini hacksaw
Cuts drywall but less effective for making stabbing cuts
Key Features:
•    6-1/2" folded; 11-1/2" opened
•    Uses standard 6" Sawzall blades
•    Tool-free blade change
•    Rubber over-mold grip
•    Limited lifetime warranty
•    Includes: 3 blades (wood, metal, multi-purpose)
Manufacturer:Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp
Available From:Tool and equipment suppliers nationwide
Retail Price:$35.99
Model #:48-22-0305
Made In:Taiwan
Carl Duguay, December 2010
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