Milwaukee Chalk Reels

Milwaukee Introduces Chalk Reels with Longest Gear Life

Milwaukee Chalk Reels

MILWAUKEE, WI - Milwaukee Tool continues to expand their Hand Tool offering with the introduction of Bold Line and Precision Line Chalk Reels. Featuring the industry’s first planetary gear system and integrated STRIPGUARD™ clutch, the new chalk reels have been designed from the ground up to deliver the longest gear life in the industry.
“Current chalk reels available lack the durability that’s expected on the jobsite. Throughout our research, we saw countless broken chalk reels on jobsites – namely broken gears and ripped lines. Users repeatedly buy new chalk reels, leading to an immense amount of downtime and cost.” said Bobby Shaw, Director of Product Marketing for Milwaukee Tool. “Chalk reels are so widely used on the jobsite that they shouldn’t be looked at as a disposable tool. Through a never-before-seen gear system and proprietary clutch, we’ve set out to completely change the way users can expect to use their chalk reels, giving them the long-lasting durability they need to tackle all of their projects.”
Unlike most chalk reels with a spur gear system, Milwaukee’s new chalk reels feature a planetary gear system that distributes forces evenly over three gears, putting less stress on internal components to prolong life. A proprietary StripGuard™ Clutch protects gears when the line is snagged or excessive force is applied, while a premium 6:1 gear ratio ensures the chalk line is quickly returned to the reel housing. The combination of these features leads to an even more efficient reel, and less need for frequent replacement units.
Both Bold Line and Precision Line Chalk Reels are designed with braided lines for increased strength and a sharper line. The 1.5mm braided line of the Bold Line Chalk Reels allows the user to snap multiple bold, clear lines; while the Fine Line Chalk Reels’ tightly-braided .9mm line minimizes chalk spill and creates a clean, crisp line.
To protect internal components, and for even more added durability, all chalk reels boast reinforced reel housing for increased jobsite protection. A flush folding handle prevents the handles of the reels from moving when not in use or during storage.
Now available, the new chalk reels confirm Milwaukee’s unrelenting commitment to providing solutions that solve key industry frustrations, while increasing jobsite productivity.

Chalk Reel Options

  • 48-22-3982 Bold Line Kit w/ Blue Chalk
  • 48-22-3986 Bold Line Kit w/ Red Chalk
  • *Also available without chalk (48-22-3980)
  • **Bold Replacement Line available (48-22-3989)
  • 48-22-3992 Precision Line Kit w/ Blue Chalk
  • *Also available without chalk (48-22-3990)
  • **Precision Replacement Line available (48-22-3999)

Tuesday, April 12, 2016