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Milwaukee Long Cut Metal Snips

Milwaukee® Metal Cutting Solutions Expand With Long Cut Snips

MILWAUKEE, WI- Milwaukee Tool continues to expand its Hand Tool offering with the launch of two new Long Cut Snip Solutions that deliver best-in-class cutting length and up to 10X more cuts than the competition. Built from the ground up for peak performance and durability, the new Long Cut Straight Snips and Long Cut Offset Snips are innovative solutions for metalworking and mechanical professionals who need to make long, straight cuts through sheet metal and ductwork.
“From our extensive research with HVAC and mechanical professionals who cut sheet metal and HVAC duct every day, it was clear we needed to develop a long-cut solution to make these jobs faster and easier,” said Bobby Shaw, Director of Marketing for Milwaukee Tool.  “With the new long cut snips, we are excited to expand our metalworking hand tools and continue to innovate for our core users in the mechanical trades.”
Backed by Milwaukee’s Limited Lifetime Warranty, the new Long Cut Straight Snips provide an industry-leading 3” cut length through 20 gauge cold rolled steel, while the Long Cut Offset Snips slice through a 2.5” cut length.  The Long Cut Offset snips also feature a 45-degree angle, which keeps users’ hands above the cutting material for added protection and control. All Milwaukee® Snips are made with forged metal heads and hard chrome plating for maximum rust protection, tool strength and durability. Milwaukee’s forged head design provides up to 10X the life of competitive snips.
Not only do the new snips provide best-in-class cutting performance and durability, they are also designed to solve common user frustrations such as broken lock mechanisms and bulky bolts, which get hung up on cutting materials. An exclusive, patent-pending spring and lock mechanism allows the user to open and close the snips with one hand, while thumb and forefinger slots allow the user to push through sheet metal with ease.  Additionally, the cutter heads feature sub-flush bolts to prevent the tool from getting hung up on sheet metal while cutting, and durable rubber grips add comfort and help protect the tool.      
Dedicated to delivering advanced solutions to increase productivity, Milwaukee’s Hand Tool category will continue to grow and offer innovative solutions for the trades.


Milwaukee Snip Model Options

Long Cut Snips
Used for a straighter, cleaner cut when cutting long pieces of sheet metal or rolled metal stock
  • Long Cut Snips, Straight Cutting (48-22-4037) - NEW
  • Long Cut Offset Snips, Left Cutting (48-22-4038) - NEW
45° Offset Snips
Used for directional cutting in ductwork or sheet metal to keep hand above the material
  • 10” Offset Snips, Straight Cutting (48-22-4032)
  • 10” Offset Snips, Right Cutting (48-22-4022)
  • 10” Offset Snips, Left Cutting (48-22-4012)
  • 2 PC Tradesman Set – Offset Snips (48-22-4023) - includes left and right cutting offset snips
Aviation Snips
Used for general-purpose cutting
  • 10” Aviation Snips, Straight Cutting (48-22-4030)
  • 10” Aviation Snips, Right Cutting (48-22-4020)
  • 10” Aviation Snips, Left Cutting (48-22-4010)
  • 10” Bulldog Snips, Straight Cutting (48-22-4000)
  • 3PC Snips Set (48-22-4033) – includes left, right, straight aviation snips
Right Angle Snips
Used for installed over-head or below-waist cutting
  • 10” Right Angle Snips, Right Cutting (48-22-4021)
  • 10” Right Angle Snips, Left Cutting (48-22-4011)