Milwaukee Right Angle Snips (Left Cutting)

Milwaukee's Right Angle Snips offer devent value - they are well made, with a flush pivot bolt that helps reduce snags when cutting, and a simple, effective locking mechanism  - even though it has a tendency to inadvertently open up.


Milwaukee Right Angle Snips (Left Cutting)

Right angle snips are a style of aviation snip that has its cutting blades offset from the handle to make it easier to reach and cut in confined spaces (for example inside duct work) and when cutting overhead. They're also handy for cutting circles and curves, particularly in tight spaces where you have limited arm movement. The offset handles mean that you don't have to contort your wrist when cutting in awkward spaces, as you would with straight snips - your wrist tends to remain straight through the cut. And, of course, you can cut with the head positioned up or down.
As with most models of right angle snips, the Milwaukee versions come in both left cutting (48-22-4011) and right cutting (48-22-4021) styles. These snips are 9-3/8" long, and have 5-5/8" soft grip handles. A loop at the end of one of the handles enables you to hang the snips from a peg board in your shop.

1-7/8" serrated cutting blades
The forged alloy steel cutting blades are 1-7/8" long, and the cutting edges are serrated to help prevent material from slipping as it's being cut. As well, the blades are chrome plated to help reduce corrosion. These snips will cut up to 24 gauge (.0239") cold rolled steel and 28 gauge (.0149") stainless steel.

Flush bolt design
As on the other Milwaukee snips, the pivot nut is flush on one side to help prevent material from getting caught up on the nut.

One-handed locking mechanism
You'll find this one-handed locking mechanism on several models of Milwaukee snips. I found that it works quite well. When the handles are locked simply press them together to release the locking arm. To lock the handles squeeze them together and activate the lock with your thumb. I like this feature as you'll increase the life of your snips if you keep the blades from striking against other tools when stored away in a tool box.
Unfortunately there is a tendency for the locking mechanism to open if the handles are inadvertently pushed together - which can happen if the pliers bump against other tools in your tool box. To avoid this, I store them separately in the pocket of a tool bag.

Double spring
The heavy-duty double over-wind spring opens the handles quickly and smoothly, yet doesn't require a lot of hand pressure to close the handles.
Milwaukee's Right Angle Snips are decent value. They're well made, with a flush pivot bolt that helps reduce snags when cutting, and a simple, effective locking mechanism - even though the mechanism does have somewhat of a tendency to inadvertently open up.



  • 9-3/8" overall length
  • 5-5/8" handle length
  • 1-7/8"blade length
  • Made of forged alloy steel
  • Hard chrome plated cutters
  • One-hand locking
  • Flush pivot bolt
  • Serrated jaws
  • Rust protective coating
  • Rubber overmold grip
  • Limited lifetime warranty

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MADE IN:Taiwan
Carl Duguay, September 2012
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