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The winner is:
Chris Logan of Toronto, ON

mini-Ligno E/D Moisture Meter

Lignomat has designed and manufactured moisture meters for over 40 years in the US. Their meters are made for woodworkers, they measure low enough for making cabinets, furniture and flooring applications. The range is high enough to check lumber while it is drying, for wood turning and even firewood. The red LED display is easy to read and virtually unbreakable with a life-time warranty.

This is one meter you will purchase only once for a life-time of woodworking. The mini-Ligno E/D is built to last and it will give you consistent, true moisture percentages.

When measuring thicker lumber make a fresh cut and measure the end grain or purchase a complete kit with the Electrode E12.

Measuring moisture is Lignomat’s expertise.

Proven quality – at an affordable price.
The mini Ligno E/D wood moisture meter has received the “woodworkers tested seal of approval”  for being well-made, easy to use and accurate.

Mini-Lignos are built to last for a life time of woodworking.

GiveAway ended: 15th August, 2020

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