New DMT DIASPRAY Puts Honing Power of Diamond in a Bottle


0.5 Micron Diamond Spray Is Next Step in Sharpening Continuum
January16, 2014, Marlborough, MA—It may not be a genie in a bottle, but the new DiaSpray from DMT Diamond Machining Technology makes wishes come true for the finest quality edge and utmost mirror finish on knives, woodworking tools and straight razors. 
“Serious sharpening enthusiasts are used to sharpening in stages, working blades from coarser to finer grit diamond stones, and polishing with diamond compound or paste. Our DiaSpray represents the next step in the continuum of sharpening to achieve utmost sharpness and appearance,” said Mark Brandon, president of DMT.
DMT’s DiaSpray puts the power of diamond in a bottle with a suspended liquid containing 0.5 micron monocrystalline diamond. There’s nothing finer to hone an edge to peak sharpness. And—since it’s “spray-able”—the grit can easily be applied to any stropping material, making the DiaSpray ultra-convenient. Click here for a clear and concise DiaSpray how-to video.
“I’m very impressed with DMT’s DiaSpray. One of its strong points is that you can make your own sharpeners by cutting a piece of wood and applying the DiaSpray product to the surface. This allows you to create a customized sharpener to hone complicated edges that can’t be accommodated by typical sharpening stones,” said Ernie Conover, a renowned woodworking author and instructor, and founder of Conover Workshops.
“This new addition to the DMT lineup of diamond abrasives has taken its place in our straight razor honing process. The best use we have found to date is following a finish honing on the DMT 8-inch Dia-Sharp Extra-Extra Fine grit continuous diamond stone,” said Howard Schechter, owner of The Perfect Edge and an expert in sharpening and honing. “The edge which results from this progression pops hairs and leaves the facial skin smooth and without any razor burn. The DiaSpray has replaced two separate finishing processes and thus also results in a time savings.”