Apollo Sprayers: A New Face - A New Name - More Features

A New Face - A New Name - More Features

There is some exciting news coming from Apollo Sprayers. On October 1st their POWER and PRECISION Series Turbospray Systems debut a new face and a new sleek look. The products have been grouped by SERIES to make them easier to understand and help Apollo customers make the right product choice for their individual needs.
news_apollo_power series

First is the POWER SERIES. There are 3 models; The POWER-3, the POWER-4 and the POWER-5.
Previously these units were known as the 835, 1035 and 1050. The number designation refers to the turbospray motor stages.

news_apollo_precision series

Second is the PRECISION SERIES. There is 1 model, the PRECISION-5. Beyond the new look this model offers our Pressure Control System (PCS™). This feature controls motor speed, voltage and amperage adjusting automatically for altitude and barometric pressure assuring precise atomizing pressure worldwide. The PRECISION-5 adds 21% more atomizing pressure above the previous model 1050VR further enhancing the ability to atomize the widest range of coatings thick to thin. precision-5.jpgThe Throttle Back Control (TCB™) permits the highest available flow pressure and increased motor longevity and our new LCD Message Center provides accurate pressure display, motor idling, temperature and an hour use meter. Great features for the every finisher.

Third is the PRODUCTION SERIES. These systems incorporate fluid feed systems to allow volume spraying for small or larger production jobs utilizing a 2 quart or 2.5 gallon pressure pot. 
Any POWER or PRECISION Series turbospray system can be expanded to a production unit or is available as a single system package.

news_apollo_eco series

Fourth is the ECO SERIES which was introduced in 2013 to provide economy without sacrificing performance. eco4gun1-1-.jpgNow we added some HVLP spray gun options to the ECO Series. Specifically our new 7500-GTO award winning gravity turbine spray gun, A 5530 bleeder gravity spray gun and the A 6000 economy spray gun.

Last is the all new TURBOPRO Series designed for the automotive, marine and aviation markets. Two models, The TURBOPRO 1000 and TURBOPRO 2000 along with the new PBC-GTO Series of spray guns provides features and benefits for these markets never before available. These systems along with all Apollo Sprayer Turbospray systems document 80% or better transfer efficiency and 38% savings on coatings when compared with compressed air systems. 

Add the clean, warm dry air and you have the perfect spray system for the complex paints used in these markets. Solvent or waterborne. Here’s a link to our new TURBO Series website. 
Apollo continues to stay in the forefront of HVLP technology with ongoing research to provide the newest and latest technology available from the serious home finisher to sophisticated industrial applications. The great part: This is a USA Made Product. 
It has always been Apollo Sprayers goal to provide the best possible product for all spray finishing markets. We believe that finishing is important and deserves a no compromise end result. In future issues I will be telling you more about the real HVLP story and more about what you see and most important what you don’t see when looking at buying and using this unique technology.