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New Produce Releases from Lee Valley

Camera Lucida
A camera lucida (Latin for "light chamber") is a drawing aid that was designed to help artists outline an image in proper proportion and perspective. When you aim it at what you want to draw and look through the viewfinder, you see a reflected image of your subject overlaid onto your drawing surface, which you can then simply trace. For the hobbyist, it is an easy way to reproduce images on materials such as wood, cloth or even stencil film.
The viewfinder includes light and dark filters that can be used individually or combined to adjust contrast of the image on the drawing surface. You can even change the image scale slightly by adjusting the height of the viewfinder relative to the drawing surface.
Well made in USA from stainless steel and reinforced polycarbonate with a glass mirror. Makes an excellent gift. Order Now
Kreg® Foreman Pocket-Hole Machine
This professional-grade pocket-hole machine combines a clamping table, a power drill and a fence into a convenient joinery work station. An excellent choice for anyone who is involved with production work or has much custom pocket-hole work to perform, it is easy to set up and reliable in use, speeding build time while improving joint accuracy and repeatability. Plunging the overhead arm automatically starts the drill, clamps the work and advances the drill bit into the stock at the optimum angle, depth and position, all in one synchronized operation. Adjusting the position of the extruded aluminum fence lets you accommodate workpieces of various thicknesses, with markings cast into the table surface for easy reference. Two spring-loaded position stops let you accurately locate the work against the fence. The hold-down clamp has an adjustable foot that pivots to accommodate irregular surfaces.
The 14" x 23-3/4" machine table is cast aluminum; the sturdy base is molded plastic. A hinged panel in the table surface lets you access the quick-change drill chuck for bit changes and an interior storage space for accessories. The machine also has a 1-1/4" diameter vacuum port for connection to a dust-collection system. The system comes with a 3/8" step drill bit for workpieces between 1/2" and 1-1/2" thick, a 6" #2 square-recess driver bit, a depth-setting guide block and instructions.
Additional bits, including the Kreg Micro-Pocket™ (for stock 1/2" to 3/4" thick) and a heavy-duty bit (for stock over 1-1/2" thick) are available separately. At less than 20 lb, the unit is easy to transport to a job site, and mounting holes at the corners of the base allow it to be bolted down for permanent workshop installation. CUL/UL certified. An outstanding pocket-hole joinery system for professionals and hobbyists alike. Order Now
Veritas® Metric Set-up Blocks
Our set-up blocks are now available in metric sizes.
The nine-piece set includes three vinyl shims (two 0.5mm and one 1mm thick), 2mm, 4mm, 8mm and 16mm thick aluminum blocks (a second 16mm thick block is included to simplify 32mm spacing) and a 25mm x 50mm x 75mm steel block.
The shims and aluminum blocks are accurate to within 0.05mm and are 50mm long; the steel block is accurate to 0.018mm. Combined, the set allows stacking from 0.5mm to 123mm in 0.5mm increments.
Supplied in a hard-shell plastic case with dividers to protect the pieces. Made in Canada. Order Now
lv_custom planes
Custom Bench Planes
A new concept in plane design, these are traditional bench planes that can be customized to fit the work you do and the way you do it. You choose the bed angle, blade material, even the size and style of the knob and tote allowing a level of personalization previously limited to handmade planes.
Each part of the plane is machined in our shop for accuracy and fit, ensuring that the plane functions as a unified whole no matter which parts you choose. Order Now