New Products from Lee Valley, 2015

New Products from Lee Valley

Veritas Miter Plane

Veritas Miter Plane (photo above)
The body is fully stress-relieved, ductile cast iron, with both sides machined flat and square to the sole. Its mass and size are advantages for shooting and creating miters for larger work such as moldings. Weighing almost 5 lb, it has a heft that provides good inertia. Its 10-1/2" long and 2-5/8" wide sole, with a toe fully one third the length, gives it solid registration even when used at an angle for a skewed cut, such as on a miter jack. More details...
Variable Angle Fence for Veritas Planes

This plane fence doesn't limit you to right angles – it allows accurate and consistent planing of any angle from 45° to 135°. Angles are set using a square or angle gauge, or directly on an angle you wish to match. The spring-loaded lever, which locks the fence, can be rotated out of the way if necessary. Through-holes in the 11" long aluminum fence allow the attachment of a wooden extension, or a tapered spacer for planing angles less than 45°. It mounts with stainless-steel thumbscrews to the tapped holes in the sides of our custom bench planes, shooting plane, bevel-up jointer plane and jack rabbet plane. More details...
Veritas Shop Knife

The unique handle shape on this marking knife lets you use it comfortably with a pencil grip when fine control is needed, or a pistol grip that allows greater force to be applied for a more visible line. The blade, made of PM-V11® tool steel, is 3/32" thick and about 3/8" wide with a 55° spear-point tip. At 2-1/4" long, it projects 1" from the handle. Ground to a keen edge at a 25° bevel angle, it slices wood fibers cleanly. More details...

Wednesday, September 2, 2015